Trip Leader must:

  • Hold a Certificate of Adult Leadership,
  • Have completed the Activity Leader qualification requirements including the Activity Leader Basic 4x4 Level 1 training course or an approved equivalent,
  • Have experience in the trip terrain type (alpine, desert) and preferably training to an advanced level (Activity Leader Advanced 4x4 Level 2) for hard trips.
  • Be able to assess the suitability of vehicles and drivers for the trip

It’s recommended that an assistant Trip Leader has similar qualifications.

Contact the State Leader for help if you don’t have a qualified Trip Leader willing to run your activity.

Drivers must:

  • Have completed the Activity Leader Basic 4x4 Level 1 training course or an approved equivalent
  • Have experience in the trip terrain type
  • Know how to use a recovery strap safely
  • Understand stall procedure for manual vehicles
  • Be aware of poor traction in descents for automatic vehicles

Passengers: Passenger age and experience will determine appropriate trip classification.


  • There must be at least two or more vehicles on every trip. 
  • All vehicles should have suitable tyres and basic recovery gear - shovel, recovery strap.
  • One or more vehicles should carry a hand winch (2.5T capacity) and accessories.
  • On Black or Red trips, one or more vehicles should have a power winch (3.6T capacity) with experienced operators.
  • For trips to alpine resorts, and other trips where snow is possible, vehicles must carry one pair of wheel chains.
  • On trips involving non-resort snow driving, two pairs of wheel chains should be carried, plus equipment for an unplanned overnight stay. 
  • Consider passenger comfort when allocating seats. Leave spare seats to allow for a disabled vehicle.
  • All occupants must be seated in legally approved seats with seat belts fastened - not in trailers or the back of utilities.
  • Avoid sideways facing seats especially for younger passengers.
  • Youth members must not travel in vehicles driven by learner drivers.

Trip Classifications

  • Green - All Wheel Drive vehicles. High range only. Road tyres.
  • Blue - Mainly high range with some low range. Road tyres.
  • Black - Significant low range. Standard ground clearance. All Terrain tyres. Experienced drivers would have little   difficulty on all sections.
  • Red - Extensive low range. High ground clearance. Terrain tyres. Winch/Recovery equipment. Experienced drivers only. Experienced drivers with suitable vehicles may have difficulty on some sections.
  • Snow - Snow driving in non-resort areas should be classified as Black for day trips, Red for overnight.


Inexperienced passengers can be injured in rough rides so we impose limits on the types of activities for the different Sections.

  • Joeys and Cubs - Blue
  • Scouts – Blue (or Black if not too rough)
  • Venturers - Black
  • Rovers - Black (or Red if experienced)
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