Paddling (Canoe, Kayak, Sea Kayak, Rafting, SUP)

Whether you’re paddling quietly on a smooth, crystal-clear lake or navigating heart-thumping rapids, canoeing and kayaking really make you feel alive.

One blade or two, paddling is a healthy way to make the most of Victoria’s magnificent waterways. You’ll improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility without too much wear and tear on your joints.

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Canoe, Kayak, and Sea Kayak Courses

The 2024 canoe, kayak and sea kayak course calendar will be available by the end of January. Courses are conducted throughout the year in many and various locations and in cases are prerequisite to the higher level courses which are available as scheduled.

To find a Paddle Team course, click the find a course button below and use the search courses function to find 'Canoe' or 'Kayak' as the course name. This is also where you can register for these courses.

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Minimum Requirements – State Policy

While on the water, all participants must wear: -

  • An appropriate personal flotation device
  • Suitable, enclosed footwear
  • An appropriate canoeing helmet*.

(* For flat water canoeing, the helmet requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Activity Leader in charge. For moving water, appropriate helmets are mandatory.)

All participants in all Canoe and Kayak courses must be able to swim 50 metres. 


Basic canoeing in a small dam or lake can usually be treated as a swimming activity, to be run by a Section Leader. It’ll need to be an enclosed area of water which is flat and unmoving. Plus all the normal swimming rules for Scouts apply, and the designated lifeguard must be able to reach participants without a rescue craft.

All other Canoe/Kayak Activities must be supervised or generally overseen by appropriately qualified Activity Leaders.

Here’s where the Canoe and Kayak team comes in. They can help with ‘come and try’ days or longer trips. And they can help Leaders with the training and assessment they’ll need to run these adventurous activities.

For more information on what you can do, check out our informative What am I allowed to do? information sheet.

Boat inspections

Boat inspections are not required for plastic boats but it is up to the Leader running the activity to ensure that all boats are in safe working condition.

This means that they must have adequate buoyancy to float even when swamped and have sound structural rigidity

Fiberglass boats require an annual inspection form a paddling guide prior to use

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Craft and Equipment Hire

If your Group or District is in need of craft or other equipment for a paddling event you’d like to run, the Paddling Team has for hire a wide variety of canoes, sit-on and sit-in kayaks, all supplied with paddles and any necessary safety gear.

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