Adventurous Activities Conference 2021

Our Adventurous Activities Conference held in October 2021 is a great resource for Groups running adventurous activities. You can watch recordings of our sessions below. 

Managing risk for adventurous activities - Peter Gould (QLD)
Do you struggle with completing risk assessments for adventurous activities? Peter will teach when and why we do risk management, then show you some worked examples.This session will also show you how to include Youth members in the risk management process.

Gear maintenance for outdoor activities - Merve Trease
Merve Trease will provide information on how to maintain your outdoor equipment and basic repairs.

Hiking in the desert - Bob Ellis
Bob will provide a summary of hiking in the desert, including the challenges, risks and highlights. Desert hiking and camping can be incredibly rewarding across all sections if appropriate planning is undertaken.

AlpineQuest for topographical maps on a phone - Dan Baker
Do you have a current or old android device laying around? Learn the basics of the  AlpineQuest topographic map app so you can use your phone as a hiking and outdoor adventure GPS.

The variety and detail of mapping available for free online is incredible and once downloaded no SIM or data is required in the field.

National Adventurous Activities Framework (NAAF) - Lachlan Shield
The National Adventurous Activities Framework is the core document for adventurous activities qualifications within Scouting. If you're curious about it, come along for a step-by-step explanation by Lachlan Shield, State Commissioner- Adventurous Activities.

Rogaining and Suburban Adventure Racing
Navigation sports provide Scouts with the opportunity to read maps, to plan a route from one point to another, to navigate to a series of checkpoints and to do it all quickly. Most importantly, navigation sports teach kids what to do if they get lost - how to work out where they are and how to return to the finish safely. Navigation sports build fit, enthusiastic and confident youngsters.

Our presentation will provide an overview of navigation sports in Victoria and introduce you to some of the cubs and scouts that are taking part in them. We'll show you how to take part in events organised by external groups or run your own training activities. There are some key skills here -  join us to see what they are and how you can run games and training activities that teach them to your troop.

The Adventurous Activities training pathway - Lachlan Shield
An introduction to the Wood Badge training system for Adventurous Activity Leaders, presented by Lachlan Shield, State Commissioner- Adventurous Activities. This session is relevant to any new or prospective Leader in Adventurous Activities, and also to State Leaders mentoring new Leaders.

Maximising Learning - Mike Wasley
Mike will speak about Delivering programs and activities for personal and team growth based on experiential learning models.

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