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Rover Events Glass Policy

All major Rover events, such as Metropolitan Area Rover Ball, Mudbash and Surfmoot are glass free events; this includes all glass from sauce bottles to drink bottles. Mafeking Rover Park is a glass free site; this means any user, not just at major Rover events, cannot and must not bring glass on to the site.


Surfmoot is Victoria’s longest running Rover events, starting back in 1931.

Surfmoot has something for everyone from swimming at the beach, to jelly wrestling, a waterslide or just sitting back and taking it easy. Surfmoot has always been run on the beach, starting its life on the banks of the Anglesea River and moving up the hill when Eumeralla Scout Camp opened its gates and has spent the rest of its life here, except for a few years at Phillip Island, but the main ideal of the weekend has never changed!

Surfmoot is all about you and what you want to do, if it’s getting down to the beach and relaxing, or getting up and running around all day doing on-site activities, it’s up to you!
Don’t forget the night time activities, with theme parties and some of Melbourne’s best cover bands on a big stage, with big sound... it's time to get loud!!!

Check back here soon for details on the next Surfmoot!

Metropolitan Area Rover Ball (MARB)

A popular event among Victorian Rovers, MARB is an annual costume ball that showcases the extremes of Rover imagination and creativity. With a different theme chosen each year, the Rover Regions take it in turns to organise the event, which always attracts big crowds. The night features a sit-down dinner, live entertainment, and a commemorative glass. With prizes for the best dressed male, female, couple and Unit, the night is one not to be missed. The theme for MARB is usually announced at Surfmoot during the evening entertainment on the Saturday Night.

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Country Area Rover Ball (CARB)

A similar event to MARB, the CARB is organised by a country Region on rotation and provides an opportunity for city and country Rovers to experience the hospitality of a country location. The nights are themed and include entertainment and dinner. Prizes for various categories are awarded. Accommodation is usually available for visiting Rovers.

The Moot

Over 1000 Rovers from around the world will converge at Mafeking Rover Park for an opportunity unlike any other available to Rovers. A jam packed, fun yet relaxing week and a half spending time with your closes mates, making new friends from around the country and world and allow you to expand your horizons.

Rover Dinner

This is a formal, uniformed celebratory dinner for Victorian Rovers. The annual Rover yearbook is launched and reports presented to the Chief Commissioner. The evening is the occasion on which W.F. Waters Rover Service Awards are presented to those who have given outstanding service to the Rover Section. Most other Rover awards are presented on the night. Tickets will be on sale online from August.

Skiing On The Bogong High Plains (Bogong Rover Chalet) – June-September

Bogong Rover Chalet is situated on the southern slopes of the Bogong High Plains, approximately 11kms from Falls Creek and is open for 13 weeks through July, August and September during each winter season. It is available during the year and accommodates up to 35 Rovers and is a fully self-contained lodge.

Winter - The emphasis at Bogong is cross-country ski touring, although we also have our own rope tow and you can try snowboarding and snow shoeing. Included in the price is a full week of skiing or snowboarding, all food, accommodation, and a charter bus from Mt Beauty to Falls Creek, your only extra expenses are transport to Mt Beauty, ski hire, and some snacks. The final trip to the chalet is accomplished on skis, so you will need a moderate level of fitness to attend. Check out the half week.

Summer - the Chalet is also available during summer, and is increasingly seen as a non-winter venue, offering environmental education, hiking and mountain biking opportunities. We have very reasonable summer rates, which includes breakfast.

Contact 0407 242 538 or

Skiing At Baw (The W.F. Waters Rover Ski Lodge) – June-September

A modern ski lodge in the midst of the Alpine Village and is used for midweek and weekend skiing. The season starts King's Birthday weekend and runs to the end of September. It has a 40 bed capacity and full facilities. It also has a completely set up area for day visitors to the mountain, which is separate from the main area of the lodge.

It is necessary to book early as the lodge is regularly booked out throughout the season. Application forms are available from the Booking Officer and are generally taken on an Unit basis. The fees per weekend are cheaper than elsewhere and include all food and accommodation. Midweek bookings are available (minimum of 10 people) but you need to take your own food.

Summer Bookings - During summer the lodge is available to all groups (min 10 people) within and outside Scouting. We encourage Rover Units, Scout Groups, school groups, church groups, four-wheel driving clubs, cycling clubs and family groups. Access is by private car.

Contact 0438 229 229 or

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