SIAs for Joeys & Cubs

Special Interest Areas are all about finding an area of interest in which a Scout can develop themselves, set realistic goals to do so, give it a go, and reflect on learning for next time. Goal setting with Joey Scout and Cub Scouts supports them to:

  • Learn how to plan
  • Get what they want out of life
  • Be focused to ensure success
  • Take responsibility for their learning
  • Develop powerful life-long habits.

An adult supporter’s job is to assist them to learn how to identify challenges they would like to achieve, write clear, measurable goals, and then create a clear plan to achieve success.

It is important that they:

  • Choose their own goals
  • Have goals with a personal purpose
  • Ensure the steps to achieve goals can be broken down into smaller steps
  • Unpack the potential obstacles

For Potential Joey Scout Special Interest Area Project Goal Ideas, click here

For Potential Cub Scout Special Interest Area Project Goal Ideas, click here

The Goal-Ladder strategy:

  1. On the very top rung is the big goal that you want to achieve.
    What will I do?
  2. How will I do it?
    These steps could be written on cards, sticky notes, or a whiteboard so that the steps can be moved around to determine a correct order. The rungs leading to the top are the steps to get there in a logical order. (For Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts, it is probably a small ladder!)
  3. Use the SIA Project Planning Development Tool, Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts for the Plan> and Review>:
    1. Which Special Interest Area applies for my activity?
    2. What is my goal?
    3. Will I be completing my activity by myself or with a Project Patrol?
    4. Who will be supporting this project?

Then Plan> Your Project,

    • Who else will be involved?
    • What will I/we do?
    • What will I/we learn?
    • How will I/we do it?

The fun part comes next, the Do>! Complete your activity and celebrate all the new things you have learnt and experienced.

The Review> is your opportunity to consider how your next SIA activity can be event better!

As part of the Review> consider:

    • What did you enjoy about your Special Interest Area?
    • What would you do differently next time?

Discuss your Review> with an adult Leader or another Scouts and start planning your next SIA.

Joey Scout SIA Webinar

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