Special Interest Areas for Joeys & Cub

Special Interest Areas are all about finding an area of interest in which a youth member can develop themselves, set realistic goals to do so, give it a go, and reflect on learning for next time. Goal setting with our Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts supports them to: -

  • Learn how to plan.
  • Get what they want out of life.
  • Be focused to ensure success.
  • Take responsibility for their learning.
  • Develop powerful life-long habits.

An adult supporter’s role is to assist them to learn how to identify challenges they would like to achieve, write clear, measurable goals, and then create a clear plan to achieve success.

It is important that they: -

  • Choose their own goals.
  • Have goals with a personal purpose.
  • Ensure the steps to achieve goals can be broken down into smaller steps.
  • Unpack the potential obstacles.

For Joey Scout Project ideas check out this resource, Potential Joey Scout Special Interest Area Project Goals 

For Cub Scout Project ideas check out this resource, Potential Cub Scout Special Interest Area Project Goals 

The Goal-Ladder strategy: -

  1. On the very top rung is the big goal that you want to achieve.
    What will I do?
  2. How will I do it?
    These steps could be written on cards, sticky notes, or a whiteboard so that the steps can be moved around to determine a correct order. The rungs leading to the top are the steps to get there in a logical order. (For Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts, it is probably a small ladder!)
  3. Use the Special Interest Area Project Planning Development Tool, Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts for the Plan> and Review>:
    1. Which Special Interest Area applies for my activity?
    2. What is my goal?
    3. Will I be completing my activity by myself or with a Project Patrol?
    4. Who will be supporting this project?

Then Plan> Your Project: -

    • Who else will be involved?
    • What will I/we do?
    • What will I/we learn?
    • How will I/we do it?

The fun part comes next, the Do>! Complete your activity and celebrate all the new things you have learnt and experienced.

The Review> is your opportunity to consider how your next Special Interest Area activity can be even better!

As part of the Review> consider: -

    • What did you enjoy about your Special Interest Area?
    • What would you do differently next time?

Discuss your Review> with an adult Leader or other Scouts and start planning your next Special Interest Area.

Joey Scout Special Interest Area Webinar

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Special Interest Areas

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