Core Features

For most recipients, the ARA presentation ceremony happens at a State Branch event. The ceremony is normally planned to cater for a large number of recipients and their families, and to receive their award from the Branch Chief Commissioner or National Chief Commissioner or Chief Scout.

Sometimes people aren’t able to attend one of these events; in this case the Award is passed to their District Commissioner or Group Leader for presentation. Along with the different parts of the Award, there will sometimes be a membership record and citation included.

When done locally, the ceremony should be brief, probably less than 5 minutes. Much like with certificate ceremonies, this ceremony can happen at a regular activity of the Unit, or at a District, Region, or Branch meeting. It’s best to invite family members along as well.

There are three core features of a local Adult Recognition Award ceremony:

  • Explanation of the particular award and why the recipient has earned
  • Presentation of the award, which comes as a certificate, and for most Awards, an around the neck medal. In Victoria the uniform cloth badge will have been sent to the recipient well ahead of the ceremony, but not before the 1st August in the year it has been awarded. 
  • The option for the recipient to re-affirm the Australian Scout Promise (the version of their choice).
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