Cub Scout Leadership Course

The purpose of the Cub Scout Leadership Course is to assist Cubs in their duty as a Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader.

By attending this Course, Cubs will gain confidence, strengthen their own abilities and be able to take more responsibility in the Unit.

They may have the opportunity to meet other Cubs from their District or Region, learn more about the Patrol System and take home new ideas.

The Cub Scout Leadership Course Manual has been designed and approved by the National Cub Scout Council and is designed to assist Leaders to run a Leadership Course for Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders.

The set program is the basic minimum requirement to run the course as a one-day activity, however, it can be expanded to run over a weekend camp, if required.

Suggested session times have been included however, please note, that the length of each session may vary according to the number of Cub Scouts that are attending.

The sessions provided in the manual can be presented in any order and will depend on the make-up of your group of Cub Scouts.

The Promise and Law Challenge Card is to be completed over a two-week period and is returned and verified by the Cub Scout Leader.

The Cub Scout Unit Management Badge is awarded when the Course and the Promise and Law Challenge Card have been completed.

It is recommended that the Cub Scout Unit Management Badge is presented in the Unit and not on the Course, so as to motivate and inspire other Cub Scouts within the Unit.

A Certificate of Attendance should be presented at the Course. 

It is strongly recommended that this formal training be done on a District basis where ever possible, however, if this is not possible, then Units are encouraged to combine with another Unit or District to run the Course.

Leaders should always seek the assistance of their District Leader - Cub Scouts for assistance with this Course.

The Cub Scout Unit Management Badges are purchased by the District Leader - Cub Scouts/Cub Scout Leader through the Scout Shop.

Cub Scout Leadership Course Manual


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