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Cub Scout Personal Development Course

The purpose of Cub Scout Personal Development Course is to provide Cub Scouts the opportunity to develop and practice their skills in key areas such as teamwork, leadership, empathy and communication. By attending the course they will gain confidence and strengthen their own abilities and importantly, be empowered to take on responsibility in their Unit.

Cub Scouts who haven't a leadership role in the Unit are also eligible to attend the Personal Development Course which is a requirement for the Grey Wolf Award.  

It is strongly recommended that the course be presented on a District basis where ever possible. Alternatively, Units are encouraged to combine with another Unit or District to present the course and Leaders should always seek the support of their District Leader - Cub Scouts or Cub Scout Commissioner - Region.

The course program is the basic minimum requirement as a one-day activity however it can be expanded to run over a weekend camp if required.

The suggested duration of session times may vary according to the number of participating Cub Scouts and sessions may be presented in any order as influenced by for example, the make-up of your group of Cub Scouts, Leader availability, venue and conditions.

Course Resources: -

Personal Development Course Manual 

Certificate of Attendance - An editable PDF for presentation at the course.

Cub Scout Personal Development Badge - Recommended for presentation in the Unit so as to motivate and inspire other Cub Scouts. Badges can be purchased by the District Leader - Cub Scouts / Cub Scout Leader through the Scout Shop.

Uniform and Badge Placement - The Cub Scout Personal Development badge is worn on the left sleeve - My Journey as an Additional Award. 



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Cub Scout Personal Development Course

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