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Recruiting of Joey Scout youth members and Joey Scout Leaders is a continuous process for all Joey Scout Units to ensure the long-term sustainability of both the Unit and the Group as a whole.

Recent analysis has identified some Unit as having fluctuating in numbers, so now’s the time to start recruiting new Joeys Scouts!

To help Groups with this important task, a Joey Build resource kit has been developed to provide the necessary support, ideas and tools for recruiting Joey Scouts and Joey Scout Leaders.


Joey Build - How to Recruit Manual


A Discussion within Your Group

What are Joey Scouts

Guidelines for working with a Joey Scout

Top Tips for a Successful Unit

A Guide to Local Marketing for Groups and Districts

A Guide to Open Days and Open Nights

A Guide to Engage Local Media

A Guide to Local Community Events

Welcome Letter

A Guide to Communicating with Prospective Families


Instructions - Joey Build Flyer (read before using flyers)

Joey Build Flyer (editable) - Microsoft Word Document

Joey Build Flyer (editable) - Adobe PDF

Come and Try Joey Scouts Flyer (editable) - Microsoft Word Document

Come and Try Joey Scouts Flyer (editable) - Adobe PDF

School Visits and Presentations

A Guide to School Visits and Presentations (read before using newsletter graphics)

Instructions - School Newsletter Flyer (read before using graphics)

Joey Build Newsletter graphic (portrait, editable) - Microsoft Word Document

Joey Build Newsletter graphic (portrait, editable) - Adobe PDF

Joey Build Newsletter graphic (horizontal, editable) - Microsoft Word Document

Joey Build Newsletter graphic (horizontal, editable) - Adobe PDF

Bring a Friend

A Guide to the Bring a Friend Program (read before using invitation)

Bring a Friend invitation - Adobe PDF

Social Media

Instructions - Social media posts (read before using graphics)

Download Graphic 1

Download Graphic 2

Download Graphic 3

Download Graphic 4

Download Graphic 5



Instructions - Posters (read before using posters)

Download Poster 1

Download Poster 2

Download Poster 3

Download Poster 4

Download Poster 5

Download Poster 6

Download Poster 7

Auction Board

Instructions - Auction Board (read before using flyers)

Auction Board (editable) - Microsoft Word Document

Auction Board (editable) - Adobe PDF

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