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Peak Award - Joey Scout Challenge Award

The Joey Scout Challenge Award is the Section's peak award and may be the final achievement for a youth member in the Joey Scout Section. The Joey Scout Challenge Award brings together the core elements of the Achievement Pathways as well as an Adventurous Journey and a Personal Reflection. 

It's not expected that all Joey Scouts will attempt and complete this award, but all are welcome to 'give it a go'. All members of the Joey Scout Unit, the Unit Council and Joey Scout Leaders will support Joey Scouts through the final steps of the Achievement Pathways. 

The Joey Scout Challenge Award requires approval of a small group of peers and the Joey Scout Leader. All the award requirements must be completed and approved before the Joey Scout progresses to the Cub Scout Section.

To be awarded the Joey Scout Challenge Award, Joey Scouts need to complete: -

Program Essentials

  • Milestone 3

Outdoor Adventure Skills

  • Complete Stage 1 in all three core areas of Bushcraft, Bushwalking and Camping (Specialist optional)

Special Interest Areas

  • Complete six Projects in at least two areas
  • Each Project is a minimum two hours of effort including Plan>Do>Review>

Adventurous Journey

  • Participate in and reflect on an Adventurous Journey of at least 3 hours' duration.
  • It is preferred that the Joey Scouts are involved in the planning and reviewing of the journey.

Personal Reflection

  • Upon completion of the components towards the Joey Scout Challenge Award, the Joey Scout then Reviews> their journey through the Section.

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