Sausage Sizzles


  • Funds – approximately $2000 profit
  • Fun – getting the parents to work together
  • Sell raffle tickets (check with location if this is allowed)


  • Street Traders Permit
  • Contact a location (e.g. Bunnings) for details on who to forward a request letter to. (intake one per year, find out what time of year they take the bookings)
  • Submit a donation letter to a supermarket for a voucher to go towards the costs.
  • Make up roster for Parents to put their names down.
  • Team – if you can, arrange at least 12-14 people (two hour shifts – four people per shift)
  • Complete confirmation sheet and send to location
  • Money float – allow for a range of notes and coins. ($150 approx.)

On the Day

  • Usually – from 8am onwards, peak – 10.30am – 2.30am
  • Always have sausages cooking, to prevent running out of cooked sausages, cook onions to attract people. Water on onions keep them fresh (avoid burning)
  • Thermometer – test heat of sausages throughout day, in line with food prep guidelines.
  • Have donation tin and raffle tickets
  • Youth members serving (either taking the orders or accepting the money)


If you need more help, please contact the the Fundrasing Team on 03 8543 9809 or email

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