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Scouts Victoria has developed an Out and About notification process for Scouting activities that are being undertaken away from a Group’s normal location.

In the event of an emergency or extreme weather warning, this will allow us to:

  • Determine whether any Scouting activities are being undertaken in that area
  • Communicate with and provide assistance to members who may be potentially affected
  • Provide information to parents/next of kin and to external agencies
  • Determine that there are no Scout members in danger (i.e. give an 'All Clear' notification)

Any activities away from your District need to be registered in scOUT and ABOUT, this includes activities at another Scouting location (eg a campsite).

It is not required if you are registered to attend a Scouting event as the event should be registered in scOUT and ABOUT by the event organiser.


Register your activity!

What about if the weather looks fine for the weekend?

Although extreme weather is the most common cause for an emergency, there are other situations that may eventuate in needing to know where Scouting activities are occurring

What if our District is very large?

We will look at the practicalities of the process for geographically spread Districts and sort out a simple approach for them.

Who has to register?

Preferably the Leader in Charge but anybody can register. The important point is that we have the contact details for somebody who is on the activity.

What if our plans change?

If you are in roughly the same area, then that’s ok. If you cancel or change significantly, just enter a new plan

Does this approve my activity?

No, this is just to notify Scouts Victoria where you are. You still need to get approval through your normal processes.

What else is this data going to be used for?

This is just so we know where people are in case of an emergency.

When do I need to do it? What if I forget to do it?

It’s OK if you enter it at the last minute or while you are on the activity.

What if I can’t get to the website?

You can call the Scouts Victoria Emergency Line on 03 8543 9877

What if we’re at a Scout Major Event?

As long as your Group is registered as attending an event then you don’t need to register in Out and About. We will already know where you are.

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