Their Service – Our Heritage


The Their Service – Our Heritage award was introduced by Scouts Australia in the year 2000 to help raise the level of awareness about our Veterans in youth member’s. It is an annual award and can be achieved once per year – with the year starting on ANZAC Day (25th of April).

Uniform Location

On the right sleeve as a specialist badge.


Three activities are required to be completed by the youth member throughout the year. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Take part in an ANZAC Day march or ceremony
  • Take part in Remembrance Day
  • Invite a Veteran to a Unit meeting to talk to the Unit
  • Visit a Veterans Home or the local RSL
  • Maintain your local Memorial
  • Visit a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Activities can be completed individually or as part of a Patrol, Unit or Group activity. Any activity undertaken needs to have a direct link to the Service of Australia’s Veterans.

The requirements are the same no matter which section the youth member is in. It is reasonable to expect that an older youth member may have more of a leadership role in organising the activities to participate in.

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