2024 Unit Council Program Planner

The Unit Council Program Planner is a resource to assist Unit Councils plan an exciting and balanced 2024 program that is adventurous, fun, challenging and inclusive.   

Here are some useful tips: -

  • Download the A3 Program Planner to assist the Unit Council in transforming the Scouts' activity ideas into a balanced program. 
  • The 2024 Unit Council Program Planner lists major Branch, National and international events colour coded for each Section as well as cross-Section events such as the Governor General Camp, BOOST and, JOTA | JOTI.
  • To the side we have suggested Useful Reminders and tips to assist the Unit Council to review> the term program for improvement with Unit Councils encouraged to include Useful Reminders and tips from the other terms. 
  • These same Useful Reminders and tips will assist the Unit Council when planning the next term program cycle.
  • The Program Planner will be updated throughout the year with events and activities, so Unit Councils are encouraged to download the current Program Planner at the end of each term.
  • Check out a sample of 1st Windy Valley Scout Unit's term one program plan which includes some really important activities: -
    • A bike hike with the Cub Unit and a joint night with the Venturers. Great activities that promote transition to the next Section.
    • An Adventurous Journey for Peter Smith, a key supportive role of the Unit Council.
    • Preparing for and attending Staddy, along with the post-activity Review>
    • And most importantly, Unit Council meetings at fun locations such as Macca's, Bounce and their local SES rather than at the hall.
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