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Program Essentials - Milestones

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     The best measure of a successful program is whether all the Scouts involved are completing their Milestones.


It’s hoped that all Scouts will achieve the Program Essentials Milestones, regardless of their interest in exploring other aspects of the framework.

The Program Essentials really are the core of the program experience.

Milestones are the recognition of a Scouts active involvement in a diverse program, and the development of their leadership skills through experience. A well-planned program will help to make this a reality; it starts with an engaging mix of all the Challenge Areas, and also requires the sharing of assisting and leading opportunities.

The Milestones involve Scouts being involved with a range of activities, normally over a 6-12-month period. This will include all the Challenge Areas, and each Scout will take on roles in participating, assisting and leading.

Participate, Assist & Lead

Participate, Assist and Lead is the way Scouts measure how involved they are in the Scout program. Their involvement and experience in the program help them achieve their Milestones.

This resource informs Scouts what a participate, assist or lead looks like for each Milestone and the number of participates, assists and leads a Scout will need to complete for a particular Milestone, Participate-Assist-Lead.

Scouts should think about:

  • What is/was their involvement in the program?
  • Did they have input in the preparation of the program?
  • What have they learnt from their involvement in the program?
  • What are the improvements that could be made for future attempts at the activity?

Assists and Leads should challenge Scouts to achieve their best - at each Milestone, the challenges should be greater than the previous Milestone.

Remember, Participating, Assisting and Leading is about challenging Scouts to Explore the Unknown in the Scout Section.

Any achievement is worthy of recognition and celebration in Scouting. When a Scout completes an element of the Achievement Pathways, we mark the achievement by presenting them with a badge to wear on their uniform shirt.

Any badge presentation should be focused on the individual Scout and the experience and personal progress they’ve experienced related to this achievement.


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