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New Leader Training Information

The impact that our program can have for young people is well known but only when we have Leaders who are trained.  

In his letter, New Leader Training Information, Rod Byrnes Chief Commissioner, highlights important aspects of the training that you will complete in the next 12 months. All new Leaders are encouraged to read Rod's letter and openly discuss any challenges in their role or the Wood Badge program with their Group Leader.

Training Plans

Training Plans have been developed to assist new Leaders and their supporters on their training journey and we encourage all Leaders to review their Training Plan to complete any modules not already completed or those they need a refresher on. 

The Helping a Leader with their training checklist is a series of sequential steps for Team Leaders of a new Leader undertaking training, training mentors and supporters to guide new Leaders through each part of their training journey and includes resource links appropriate to the new Leaders stage of training.

To aid Leaders who are transitioning between Sections we now have a Training Plan to make it a bit clearer about what they do and don't need to do.

To view all Training Plans

On The Job Checklists

On the Job Training refers to the skills we re-enforce and demonstrate at our weekly meetings, outdoor activities and camps as Scout Leaders. Essentially all the things we do as Leaders.

The On The Job Training factsheet for learners and their supporters factsheet provides Leaders and Team Leaders/supporters background to On the Job Training, how to complete the Checklists, the verification process and FAQs from a learners and Team Leaders/training supporters perspective.

Youth Program Leader and Program Support Leader Checklists are accessed via the Scouts Australia On Demand Learning link, tab On the Job Phases.

Scouting Adventure

Individuals who have sufficient and current skills, knowledge, and experience can
apply for formal recognition of proficiency by completing the attachment below.
Recognition of Proficiency may only occur after the required Scouting
Adventure On Demand Learning modules have been completed.

Scouting Adventure - Recognition of Proficiency

Scouting Leadership

Scouting Leadership Wood Badge Project Form

Wood Badge Project Guidelines

Presenting the Wood Badge

When an adult (relevant here for both adult Leaders and Rover Scouts) achieves their Wood Badge, it’s important that the Wood Badge presentation ceremony reflects this major accomplishment.

In Australia we divide the Wood Badge training scheme into the Certificate of Proficiency, comprised of Scouting Essentials, Scouting Adventure or Scouting Management, and Scouting Leadership.

The Wood Badge insignia comprises four elements: -

  • Gilwell Woggle
  • Gilwell Scarf
  • Wood Beads
  • Parchment

Adult Leaders are able to wear the first part of their Wood Badge, the Gilwell Woggle, on achievement of their Certificate of Proficiency. Therefore typically, a Wood Badge presentation ceremony would not include this part.

Find more about running a Wood Badge Award ceremony here.

Adventurous Activities Training and Train the Trainer

Activities Log Book Templates

Guide Evidence Capture Sheet

Third Party Declaration

ATD Training Introductory - Assessment of Proficiency

Certificate of Higher Adult Leadership ('Axe and Log')

Once a Leader has achieved a Wood Badge, they may wish to consider achieving the Certificate of Higher Adult Leadership.

The Certificate of Higher Adult Leadership program, also known as the ‘Axe and Log’, is the pinnacle of the Leader Wood Badge training and development program.

Certificate of Higher Adult Leadership (Axe and Log) Information

Scouting Proficiency Programming (SPP) Workbook

Scouting Proficiency Fundamentals (SPF) Workbook

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