Virtual Unit Program Ideas

  • Lots of ideas for Unit Program and Award Scheme to be able to keep the Unit together until we can return to face-to-face Scouting.
  • Use these together with Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Skype/Facetime to collaborate and keep in touch with the Unit
  • Start planning how you can still focus on Award Scheme activities with online and virtual tools
  • Explore some fun collaborative activities at - MineCraft, Factorio, JOTI, Discord
  • Have you run a Unit Night on Zoom or MS Teams, etc? Don't forget your Plan>Do>Review> so it gets better next time

Aly Harris - State Leader - Venturers has prepared an ongoing mega list of fun and instructive ideas for Venturers to keep in touch and for Award Scheme. Click here

Program Ideas for Venturer Units (an A-Z List)

Lots of ideas compiled by the Victorian Venturer Council Youth Team for Unit Programs and linked to the Challenge Areas - some virtual and others for when we are back to face-to-face meetings. Click here

Ideas from Duke Of Edinburgh Award (very similar to Venturer Award Scheme)


  • Snow Venture Day 2020? - a living dream by Aly.
  • Vic Venturers Leader Bingo - so last week we created Bingo for Venturers - now it's the Leaders turn to participate - Enjoy!
  • Vic Venturer Bingo“How many can you tick off? Once completed, post it on Instagram and Facebook, and make sure you tag Venturers Victoria!”
  • Checkout this Hogwarts Digital Escape Room with your Unit
  • Home Orienteering for Venturers - a range of ideas for individuals and virtual Units. Home Orienteering
  • Run a Netflix Party and even setup a tent in your backyard and all watch the same movie at the same time - popcorn and drinks are optional
  • Theme Night - dressup and eat dinner together while on Zoom and chat over dinner
  • Pets Night - show off your pet on Zoom. Those who don;t have pets can still join in with stuffed animals and pet rocks! 
  • Virtual Trivia Night - use your imagination in your Unit with 'virtual' prizes
  • Try an online Riddles Night
  • Have a Kahoot! competition with your Unit
  • Online Cooking Night - the organiser sends through a list of ingredients / each Venturer cooks and shares the process online / eats online! Starts with something simple like damper
  • Lego Masters 'After the Apocalypse' Night
  • Forest School in the Garden - make some crazy scenes at home to video and share with the Unit. Best design wins!
  • Can't go Geocaching at present..... be involved in Scouts 'Geoscarfing', but take care to work within the rules while exercising
  • Home Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt - the organiser shares a list and everyone has 20 minutes to find as many of the items as possible
  • Baby Photo Competition – everyone sends a baby photo to the organizer – then have to work out who is who
  • Fancy Dress Evening - everyone dresses up in a cool outfit or hat
  • Murder Mystery Evening - 'Zombie Escape'
  • Quiz/Puzzle Evening - don't forget the drinks and snacks (at home)
  • Camp at home - create a campsite / fort in your house / garden – give the Unit a virtual tour during the meeting
  • MEGA List of Online Games - these will keep you busy for weeks
  • Virtual Sailing Regatta - check out the picture here
  • Take the Earth Day Challenge during 22 Days of Earth Day
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