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The Victorian Venturer Council is excited to announce 2 big new initiatives for 2024:

  1. Victorian Venturers Grand Slam

The Victorian Venturers Grand Slam is a reboot of our previous “Big 5” challenge, with the aim to encourage Venturers to attend all our major State Venturer Events. To complete the Grand Slam, a Venturer must attend all the following events:

  • Vic Gathering
  • Anything Goes
  • Winter Gathering
  • Either of Hoadley Hide or Armstrong 500

At each event, participants will receive the Grand Slam badge for that event, which can be worn on their uniform on the right chest below the Milestone badges. If all the badges are collected, they make up a “Grand Slam Square”.

Venturers who complete the Grand Slam in a 12 month period and send evidence to the VVC will go into the draw to receive a special prize - make sure all our major events go into your Unit’s program for 2024, so you can complete the Victorian Venturers Grand Slam!

  1. Venturer Commissioners’ Challenge

As part of VVC’s goal to have 150 Queen’s Scouts awardees and 2500 total Venturers in Victoria, we are challenging each Venturer Unit in Victoria in 2024 to complete the Venturer Commissioners’ Challenge, which is a set of criteria around both the Unit program and the Achievement Pathways. Where a Unit* achieves the criteria in a year, all Unit members including adult leaders will be provided with a Venturer Commissioners’ Challenge badge that can be worn above the left pocket of their uniform shirt for the following year.

More details on both the Grand Slam and Venturer Commissioners’ Challenge can be found on this flyer



Venturer Activity Meetups – VAM!
Venturer Activity Meetups or VAM’s are replacing the more traditional District and Zone Venturer Councils to ensure we still regularly gather with other Venturers in our District or Zone to share ideas and have fun!

It’s up to each District and Zone to decide how often to hold a VAM, but you should be aiming for at least one per term. To help get you started we will be sharing ideas and information on our social media to help plan a great VAM. We want every District and Zone to plan an awesome VAM for Term 2 and send an invitation to the Victorian Venturer Council. We want to see the great ideas you all come up with!

The best VAM we see will win a prize from the Victorian Venturer Council! Free pizzas for your Term 3 VAM! So get in touch with the other Units in your District or Zone and start planning your Term 2 VAM now!

2024 Personal Development Courses
We’re pleased to announce a new Personal Development Course has been added to the calendar:

  • April 20 – 21 | Plenty Valley Region – Seymour Scout Hall | Course ID 107058

Check the "Courses and Visits" page for all the other courses currently scheduled.



Hoadley Hide 2024: Anchors Away
We have some important news about Hoadley Hide! This year it will run on the middle weekend of the school holidays, April 4 - 7, at Blackwood Scout Camp, which means that the event isn't running over Easter.

We've made this decision as over the last few years, we have observed a growing number of Venturers and Rovers being unavailable over Easter for a variety of reasons, so we are trialling a new weekend to try and provide more opportunities for Venturers to learn new Bushwalking and Bushcraft skills.

We are also asking Rover Units to get on board and run a stunt for the Venturers. Each stunt encompasses components of the Outdoor Adventure Skills or other initiative challenges. Never run a stunt before? No problem – The Hoadley Hide Theme Team will help you put one together!

Stunt teams can be made up of members from multiple Units, so if needed you can join with other Rovers and make the ultimate combined stunt! Stunt teams are only required from Friday evening/Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.

Registrations will be opening very soon, so keep up with all the latest news on the Hoadley Hide Facebook and Instagram pages!



Anything Goes
Kick off the Venturer year with Anything Goes!

Anything Goes is taking place from February 23-25 at Lardner Park, offering the opportunity to do heaps of fun activities such as tank adventures, hatchet throwing, splat ball, mountain biking and much more!

Visit the AG website for more details and check out our socials for more information on what's on offer!

Government House Presentation
Eligible recipients to attend this year's presentation are currently being contacted to ensure their details are current for the soon to be issued invites.

Please ask your Venturers if they have received a request to confirm their details and check that they have replied. The turnaround for invites and acceptances will be quick and the proposed date for the presentation is Saturday March 2 at 9am.

Personal Development Courses
If you have Venturers who need a Personal Development Course for early this year, there are now five Personal Development Courses listed for 2024 for those Venturers who are looking ahead to 2024 for their long-term planning:

  • February 2 - 4 | Geelong Region - Eumeralla Scout Camp | Course ID 107018
  • May 24 - 26 | Mt Dandenong Region - Gilwell Park | Course ID 107032
  • July 5 - 7 | Bays Region – Bay Park | Course ID 107019
  • October 18 - 20 | Western Region - Pax Hill | Course 107033
  • November 22 - 24 | Killer Klowns Clifford Park | Course ID 107017

You can book here.

Make sure you check the courses link in the new year for further course dates and booking codes.




VAM - Venturer Activity Meetup

We're excited to announce a re-branding of the DVC to "VAM" (Venturer Activity Meetup)

The aim of these new meetups is to focus on fun activities done as a district or zone rather than more traditional (and boring) D/ZVCs. It will be up to each District/Zone to decide how often to hold a VAM, but you should be aiming for at least one per term.

To help get these new meetups started we will shortly be supplying units with a small resource kit with poster and invite templates they can use to plan and promote a VAM.

We want every District/Zone to plan a VAM for Term 4, and please send an invitation to VVC ( as well - we want to come and see the great ideas you all come up with!



Microsoft Teams
for every Unit in Victoria
An MS Teams account has been created for every Unit, Z/DVC and Region team in Victoria.

  1. <your Unit> email account
  2. Linking your Unit account to Z/DVC and Region teams to easily converse, share and meet
  3. Receive the latest information from VVC via this email account
  4. Provides a high level of security and privacy and it's free.

Check out more details here

Need some help? check out the Microsoft Teams Help videos here



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