Youth Helpers

We’re proudly youth led and adult supported. So budding young leaders of the future are given many opportunities to develop their leadership qualities.

There are Leadership/ Personal Development courses in the Cub Scout, Scout, Venturer Scout and Rover Scout Sections, and forums where young members have an impact on the future of Scouting.

Some young people prefer just to work with the Joey Scout or Cub Scout Sections. Youth Helpers receive special training to assist the Leaders they work with. They help out at regular weekly meetings and special activities.

Youth Helper Badge requirements


  • The role of the Youth helper is to assist and provide support to the younger Sections.
  • Youth Helpers may be a member of a Venturer Scout Unit or recruited from outside of the movement – in which case an application for membership form must be completed.
  • Application to become a Youth Helper within a Group must be assessed by the Group Council and supported by the Joey Scout, Cub Scout or Scout Leader and approved by the Group Leader.
  • A Youth Helper assists mainly in one Section however, they may assist in the other Sections with the approval of the Leader concerned.
  • Section Leaders need to provide the understanding and knowledge necessary to perform the Youth Helper role.
  • The Youth Helper is responsible to the Section Leader with whom they are working.


  • Youth Helpers wear the Uniform of the Section they are a member of when they are
    attending the Unit they are helping – so a Venturer Scout helping out at their local
    Cub Scout Unit wears their Venturer Scout Uniform.
  • In the event that a Youth Helper is not a member of a Scouting or Guiding Section,
    they wear the adult navy-blue Uniform shirt with the World Scout badge, Australian
    flag badge and Youth Helper Name Badge.


  • Set a high standard of behaviour through personal example.
  • Support the Leaders to ensure effective functioning of the Section they are supporting.
  • Provide assistance in skills appropriate to the program
  • Have a friendly attitude towards Youth Members, Leaders and parents.
  • Support the Leaders to develop the personal growth of youth members in accordance with the Purpose of Scouting and the methods of the Section.
  • Encourage progression of youth members to the next Section.
  • Develop an understanding and knowledge of the Section you are working with eg, operation, Achievement Pathways, parades etc.
  • Support all Group/District/Region activities as required.


  • Be enthusiastic and able to relate to young people.
  • Age 14 ½ - 18 years old to assist in the Joey Scout and Cub Scout Sections. Age 16 – 18 years old to assist in the Scout Section. While a Venturer may be a Youth Helper, consideration needs to be given to applying for a role as an Adult Leader or an Adult Helper upon reaching your 18th birthday.
  • Youth Helpers should attend a National Youth Helpers Course.
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