Governor General Camp FAQ

What is the Governor General Camp?

The Governor General Camp is a special event organised by Scouts Australia, taking place at Government House in Canberra. It offers a wide range of adventurous activities and experiences for Scouts from across the country.

When and where will the camp be held?

The camp will be from April 14 to 19, 2024, at Government House, Canberra.

What age groups can participate in the camp?

The camp is open to all age groups within Scouts Australia, from Joey Scouts to Rover Scouts.

What types of activities will be available?

Activities include high ropes courses, canoeing, team-building exercises, adventure and challenge zones, outdoor skills, cultural and educational visits, and much more.

What are the arrangements for transportation to and from the camp?

The Victorian Contingent will travel by bus from Melbourne to Canberra and return. For Joeys, Cubs, and supporting Leaders joining later, transportation will be provided to join the Contingent on-site.

  • Scouts, Venturers and Rovers | Leave Melbourne on April 14
  • Joeys and Cubs | Leave Melbourne on April 16
  • Joeys, Cubs Scouts, Venturers and Rovers | Leave Canberra on April 19, and arrive in Melbourne on April 20

What is the policy for driving to the camp?

Driving is discouraged. There is no parking available at Government House. If you choose to drive, you can park at the Canberra International Airport at your own cost. Please note you will be still charged the Contingent fee.

What are the costs for attending the camp?

The costs vary by participant type: Joeys and Cubs at $875, Scouts, Venturers, and Rovers at $1,125, and Leaders at $625. Payments will be made through the camp's registration system, with the Victorian payment invoiced separately.

This figure includes the Victorian Contingent fee

How will the campsite arrangements be organised?

Campsites are about 25m x 25m square. Units will be self-sufficient, with daily supplies provided for meal preparation. Service and Activity Leaders will need to bring their own dome tents for accommodation in the Leader camping area.

What equipment is required for the Unit Campsite?

Each Unit, made up of Scout Groups within a geographically located area, will source their own campsite equipment. This includes tents, dining flies, kitchen equipment, tables, bench seats, and barbecues.

How will gear be transported to the camp?

The Contingent will supply two pallecons for each Unit to transport their gear to Canberra, similar to those used for Jamborees. These will be available at a common location for packing.

What merchandise will be provided by the Contingent?

Each member will receive a Victorian Governor-General Camp Badge. There will also be a Victorian Contingent Polo Shirt available for $35, made-to-order. Designs for these items will be released soon, and additional badges will be available for purchase.

How will meals be organised at the camp?

Units will be responsible for preparing their own meals with supplies provided by the camp daily.

Can participants choose to drive and meet at a designated location?

Participants choosing to drive can meet at the Canberra International Airport, one of the remote locations. However, they need to arrange their own parking at their expense and will be still charged the full Contingent fee.

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