A name for the new program

YPR - the Youth Program Review - is delivering a new program, now being tested in some Groups.

But what do we call it?

Scouts Canada call their new program "The Canadian Path".

Scouts Ireland call theirs "One Programme"

The last time Scouts Australia overhauled our program, we called it "Design for tomorrow".

So what do we call our new, new program?

"Scouty McScoutface" is one idea, but we prefer something relevant!

This is a program that stresses new skills and emphasises fundamentals like Youth Leading, Adults Supporting; and that we always Plan>Do>Review> our projects and events.

There are common themes across all Sections including the four Challenge Areas (Community, Creative, Personal Growth, Outdoor), the nine stages of Outdoor Adventure skills, and the six Special Interest Areas.
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Great prizes! Closing December 13

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