Camberwell Showtime 2017

Camberwell Showtime 2017 - comedy from The Other Side

What happens when you're the new kid in town? You make some friends, try a new school, discover an interworld portal. It's what all the new kids are doing. What happens if they close the portal? Will the world end? And who let an elf loose in the potions class?

Camberwell Showtime is on again. Bring your family, friends and Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders to a great fun show.

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2017 Performance dates

Friday August 18 - 8pm

Saturday August 19 - 2pm

Sunday August 20 - 3pm

Wednesday August 23 - 7pm

Thursday August 24 - 7pm

Friday August 25 - 8pm

Saturday August 26 - 2pm and 8pm

 At the Hawthorn Arts Centre

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