Whitehorse Showtime 2017

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Join Whitehorse Showtime 2017 as we trek through the Sands of Time and marvel at the adventures that await us. Experience the bustling markets of Ancient Egypt and the lavish parties of Viking housewives. Get an insight into a strange and awe-inspiring future, and join in the lawless escapades of the Wild West. There's something for everyone and fun for the whole family!

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Sands of Time - Whitehorse Showtime - 2017

2017 Performance Dates

Friday 18th August - 7:30pm

Saturday 19th August - 7:30pm

Sunday 20th August - 3:00pm

Wednesday 23rd August - 7:30pm

Thursday 24th August - 7:30pm

Friday 25th August - 7:30pm

Saturday 26th August - 3:00pm

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