Introducing your NEW Scout ID card!

The new release of Scout ID cards were distributed to Group Leaders and Leaders in Charge at the Leader of Adults Conference on Saturday February 2. You should already be seeing them distributed in your Section meetings. Details about your Scout ID card can be found here.

Here's three things to keep in mind:

  • Cards have been printed for all youth and adult members (excluding office bearers) who were registered by January 10 2019, as per pre-Christmas reminders. If someone was registered after this date, they will receive their card shortly and if you have not registered new members, please explain that they will get a card when they are registered.
  • Scouts ID cards for Fellowship and District, Region and State teams are being sent separately.
  • The “Member since...” year is when you joined Scouting as a youth, or for many of our senior members, your member since year will be for your Leader service as your youth service may pre-date Extranet a little. If you had a break in service, your most recent return year will be listed.

If you have any enquiries please email


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