Take a deep breath and make that brave first step over the edge. Abseiling is a thrilling way to explore nature, supported by a rope as you walk your way down a vertical tower, cliff or rock face. 

We prepare you for the adventure with the best practical and technical training available, and we’re committed to risk management and safety.

Your confidence will build with each step, as you feel secure with your training and equipment, and you start to feel the pride of what you’re achieving.

Getting involved

Take a look at our calendar and find the range of sites around the state, pick the one nearest to you or go a little more adventurous and take a road trip.

If you’re keen to get involved, Scouts Victoria is well equipped. We have mobile abseiling towers and many fantastic natural sites.

We also run local activities, the Wilson-Nunn Tower provides training and activity facilities 12m in the air. Watsonia also has a tower where weekend activities can be found, included are a host of outdoor activities to quench the adventurous spirit. Our students also need to be able to climb a 6m ladder unassisted.

As you’d expect, there are strict requirements for instructors/Leaders in abseiling activities, and the insurance requirements are rigid too.

Rewards for your efforts

Abseiling with Scouts is all about fun and adventure, but there are even greater rewards as well. 

All Sections are able to work through the Vertical Stages of the Outdoor Adventure Skills. Stages 1-3 cover introductory and basic vertical skills, while Stages 4-9 cover introductory, intermediate and advanced abseiling skills. Refer to your Scouts |Terrain account for more details on each stage. Completion of various stages are also a requirement of each Sections Peak Award. 

2024 Abseiling Team Program Calendar 

You can view our 2024 program calendar here.


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