Abseiling Activities

Cliff Face Jump Weekends

The State Abseiling Team is running a new set of activities for youth members. The program calendar is updated continuously and is available here. Activities are held over weekends at a variety of locations around Victoria. There are activities for all sections (Joeys to Rovers) throughout the calendar year, with activities being targeted toward particular sections, depending on the site used. Please check when booking whether the weekend is suitable for your youth Section. Refer to program calendar.

Event bookings are available online and are open for Units to book interested youth and Leaders. Places are limited depending on the site. Youth must be accompanied by section leaders or they may be hosted with other Groups in accordance with ratios for outdoor scouting activities. The Adventurous Activity Leaders role is to run activities safely with the support of Section Leaders to supervise youth members while they are not participating directly in the activity.

Mobile Abseiling Tower

We have two mobile abseiling towers that are available for weekend activities for youth, subject to Abseiling Leader availability. For cost and any further questions please contact the State Leader.

Challenge Ropes

The State Abseiling Team is responsible for the policies, training and operation of rope activities such as low and high ropes, flying foxes, possum gliders and crate stacking activities. For more information contact the State Leader.

Crate Stacking

‘Crate Stacking’ is an activity which is becoming ever more popular and consists of an individual, the ‘stacker’, placing crates one on top of the other while being suspended from an overhead beam. For more information contact the State Leader.

Outside Abseiling Providers

For any abseiling activities that are conducted by group lines independently of the State Abseiling Team, it is the responsibility of the Group Leader or Leaders in Charge for ensuring that the Leader In Charge of an abseiling activity is qualified (with Scouts Victoria approved qualifications) Full lists of currently qualified Leaders are held by the State Abseiling Team and copies will be made available to Districts and/or Groups upon request.

State ‘Satellite’ Abseiling Teams

There are a number of satellite teams that operate under the auspices of the State Team, to conduct local abseiling activities for youth members and Leaders. They can call upon the State Team (and vice versa) for support as and when necessary. The teams, where qualified, will also provide introductory training for anyone interested in progressing to be formally qualified under the State Abseiling Team umbrella.

First Emerald Abseiling Team is operated by the 1st Emerald Scout Group

‘FEAT’ provides tower and rock face abseiling services to all Scouting Sections, including Leaders. Abseiling Sites:

  • The Wilson and Nunn tower is at the Emerald Scout Centre, 21 Kilvington Drive Emerald 3782, Melway 127E5.
  • Gilwell Park by arrangement.
  • Shiprock in Gembrook in Kurth Kiln Regional Park.

To abseil, participants need to be able to climb up a 6m ladder unassisted.

Bookings: Information on availability, costs and services on the website www.emeraldscouts.org.au/feat-abseiling/. Bookings open for each term on the first week of that term and fill quickly so don’t delay.

Diamond Valley Abseilers

Abseiling activities for Cubs through to Rovers and Leader interested in abseiling as a group activity.

Abseiling Tower located at Watsonia Scout Centre, AK Lines Reserve, Peters Street, Watsonia. (Melway 20 F2). Contact dvat.watsoniascouts@hotmail.com

Bookings - weekdays, weekends and nights are available and are subject to availability of qualified Leaders.

Pax Hill Activity team “PHAT”

Pax Hill Activity team is based at Pax Hill Scout camp in Ballarat and provides abseiling experiences for all Sections on the dedicated tower within the camp. Why not combine a camp with an abseiling experience, contact the Pax Hill Activity Centre manager on 5331 4956 or info@paxhill.com.au to book an adventure.

Goulburn Murray Abseil Team

Ten metre tall scaffold tower that can assembled nearly anywhere. It can be used for promoting and advertising your Scout Group or to run an adventurous abseiling activity for your Group or District.

Suitable for all Sections and Leader training.

Abseiling sites - Natural surface abseiling in locations with a view, some of these with space for the option to camp nearby for full weekend of abseiling, (to be self-catered food and camping gear).

Contact abseil.goulburnmurray@scoutsvictoria.com.au

Gippsland Region Abseiling Team - Baw District/Caringal Scout Camp
Contact abseil.caringal@scoutsvictoria.comau

South Gippsland District/Mobile Abseiling Tower
Contact abseil.gippsland@scoutsvictoria.com.au

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