Radio and electronics

Curious about communications? Tune in to your interest with our expert team.

Learn how radios work, tinker with the technical side, and chat to people on the other side of the world.

We’re surrounded by mobile phones and internet, but some of the alternatives are more important than ever. They can even be a vital lifeline in remote areas.

Join us for the fun of ham radio and the opportunity to learn about marine or aviation communication.

The Scout Radio Team

The Scout Radio and Electronics Service Unit (SRESU) provides youth members with amateur radio experience, contacting people locally and around the world. We also offer communication services for major Scouting activities in Victoria.

The Radio and Electronics Team meets monthly in Mt Waverley, and you can use our website to request a visit to your Group.

Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTA, JOTI)

Whether you’re new to radio operating or highly experienced, there is a once a year opportunity to be involved in something huge! In fact, the annual Jamboree of the Air and Jamboree on the Internet is the largest activity in global Scouting. Half a million Scouts and Guides gather at their local halls around the world and make contact through amateur radio and the internet. It’s a giant exercise in making new friends, exchanging stories and sharing different cultures.

JOTA and JOTI are a fun reminder to youth members that they’re part of a worldwide Movement. It doesn’t need a lot of technical knowledge, just the right people helping out. And participants also receive a Special Activity Badge.


Training and Assessment are core objectives for our team. We have qualified Instructors and Assessors to help youth members and Leaders, and we can do this in Melbourne and country locations.

A range of licences are issued by the Australian Communications Media Authority, with different requirements and privileges depending on the type of frequency being used.

Amateur Radio Operator Badge

Scouts who obtain an Amateur Radio Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency, in accordance with Government regulations, can also proudly wear the Amateur Radio Operator Badge.

Amateur radio licences - Foundation, Standard and Advanced – are made available by the Australian

Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA).

Marine Radio Licences

The Radio and Electronics Team provides training in the Short Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency. We also facilitate exams in both Short Range and Long Range Certificates of Proficiency.

You must be aged at least 16 years to receive marine radio licences.

“Scout” Call signs

Our own call signs are a great way to find like-minded friends out there. Amateur Radio Operators with a Certificate of Proficiency may apply to the Scout Radio Team for a Scout Call Sign.


State Leader – Communications Technologies


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