Take the plunge into a mystical world of slow-dancing corals and busy sea creatures. Victoria’s oceans are alive with many vibrant little communities and a rich variety of marine life. In fact Victoria has some of the best temperate water diving in the world.

Snorkelers can observe this intriguing secret world with a relatively small amount of preparation, and they can see many beautiful sea creatures up close.

But SCUBA divers are treated to an extra dimension, venturing right in amongst the underwater action.

Scout SCUBA Victoria

The State Scuba Activity Team (Scout Scuba Victoria) is a group of Leaders sharing a common passion for scuba diving with each other and any interested Scouting members.

We’re able to introduce Scouts to the exhilaration of scuba diving under the instructional guidance of fully qualified Professional Association of Dive Instructors (“PADI”). This has led to more than a thousand inexpensive ‘Discover Scuba’ dives.

Members have also gone on to do Scuba Diver training courses. Plus there are qualified diver days, all run by fully qualified and externally insured ‘PADI’ Instructors, many of whom are also Youth Program Leaders.

Dive Courses are cheaper than normal through Scout Scuba, and boat dives with us are cheaper than commercial operations. We can also choose our own dive spots and check out new locations, all while enjoying the company of Scouting friends.

Scout Scuba Victoria is a PADI recognised Educational Facility and along with other State Activity Teams, can offer competencies or units towards Certificate II and III in Outdoor Recreation (although the Scuba competencies have a small additional cost).


Youth members and their parents are advised that learning to Scuba Dive is NOT an activity being conducted by the Scout Association. Responsibility for supervision, control and legal liability does not rest with the Scout Association. That responsibility is carried by the PADI recognised provider. While they may sometimes use Scouting people, the PADI recognised provider uses PADI organised insurance.

However, snorkelling courses and qualified scuba divers, participating in a Scout Scuba Victoria organised event (who 1. have had their qualifications checked & 2. have a current, clear, PADI RSTC medical form) are covered by Scouts Victoria insurance.

The Leader-in-Charge must obtain a signed Special Activities Permission form [Form Y5] from the youth member’s Parent or Guardian.

Dive shop discounts

Discounts have been negotiated for members of Scout Scuba Victoria through some Melbourne Dive Shops. The savings apply to courses and diving days, as well as equipment purchases. Contact the State Leader for details.


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