STEM & Innovation

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and Innovation can be integrated into all aspects of the Scout program.  Whether its building rockets, designing your own escape room, exploring chemistry in the kitchen or taking part in a citizen Science project, STEM is a great way to spice up the Unit program. Have your Unit Council check out our upcoming events and program resources if you need some inspiration.

STEM & Innovation also forms one of the Special Interest Areas (SIA) in Our Program. This means you can set your own goals and create your own STEM projects on whatever you choose, you are only limited by your own imagination! If you need some ideas to get you started make sure you look at the SIA page and if you need a STEM expert to help you make sure you get in touch with our STEM Team.

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STEM Enquiries

If you've got a question for Scouts Victoria, shoot us a message here.

If you have a STEM question or suggestion for Scouts Victoria, shoot us a message here.
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