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National Science Week 2022 - Waves Resources

Scouts from right around Australia put together an amazing collection of waves program resources for National Science Week 2022.

These program resources can be used to create amazing STEM programs for your Unit.  Check them out on our National Science Week website.

STEM & Innovation Challenge Cards

Keep your eye on this space. We will have a wide range of Challenge Cards to help you with your STEM & Innovation programming available soon.

In the meantime here are some samples to get you started.


Science of Outdoors

Science of Outdoors programs were run by Scouts from around Australia for National Science Week during August 2021. The program resources to make your own compass, build a Da Vinci bridge and explore campfire chemistry are all available here and can be incorporated into your unit programs any time.

Compass Story

Video Instruction Sheets

Campfire Chemistry

Video Instruction Sheets

Da Vinci Bridges

Video Instruction Sheets


Online STEM Program Ideas

Need some inspiration for program ideas that will work well in your online Unit meetings? Here are some STEM ideas to get you started.

Lego Challenges
These creative Lego challenges can be used to run a whole Lego based online meeting or pick just one challenge and use it as inspiration for a themed program.

Slime is a lot of fun to make and play with but it is also a great way to explore the principles of polymers and non Newtonian fluids. Our Slime challenge card will give you some ideas to get started.

Discover Dairy
Do your Scouts know how butter is made? How about ice cream or cheese? Follow these instructions to make your own dairy products at home.

Science and Engineering Challenges by Dyson
The experts from the James Dyson Foundation have put together an excellent range of challenge cards full of Science and Engineering challenges just for kids. With so many great experiments on offer the hardest part will be choosing which ones to do!
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Exploring Liquids
Liquid Fireworks, Lava Lamps and Magic Milk Art are all fun ways to explore the concepts of density, surface tension and polarity.

Water Filtration
Filtering and treating water is an important Scouting skill. The team from Fizzics Education have put together simple step by step instructions for creating your own water filter at home. If you want to try some more water-themed experiments check out the Science of Water Scout Quest video.

Chromatography uses the principles of chemical bonding to separate the components of a mixture. This paper chromatography experiment is a fun way to investigate how colours can be separated.

CSIRO Food Science
Why not incorporate some STEM into your next cooking night? The CSIRO has put together a great list of recipes that have a Science twist, along with a selection of kitchen experiments to help you have fun with food.

Rube Goldberg Machines
An overly complex machine designed to do a simple task, Rube Goldberg machines are lots of fun to design and construct. Think Wallace and Gromit or dominoes and marbles and you're on the right track.

Making Plastic
Plastics are chemical compounds called polymers, long chains of repeated units bonded together. Did you know you can use the proteins in milk to make your own casein polymer chains? Follow this experiment from Scientific American to make milk based plastic in your own kitchen.

Has your Unit enjoyed running STEM programs online? Send us through your suggestions to add to this list.

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