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Scouts Victoria can provide you with the opportunity to obtain both Scouting and nationally recognised qualifications. Allowing you to run activities for your Unit and having your experience and skills recognised externally through achieving qualifications.  

Our Adventurous Activities training is delivered within the framework outlined in the NAAF. This allows members to take a structured approach to progressively working towards the qualifications needed to Guide Adventurous Activities.  

Safe & Trained Participant Qualifications 

Safe & Trained Participant are both Scouting qualifications that enable you to run and supervise a number of activities linked to the lower stages Outdoor Adventure Skills as outlined within the “What Can I do?” guide.   

More on these Qualifications can be found here.

Guide Qualifications (including Assistant Guide) 

Externally validated qualifications are required to become a Guide or Assistant Guide. These qualifications are assessed by Scouts Australian Institute of Training (SAIT) and detail of how SAIT operates can be found here. 

The following Guides have been developed to assist you through the process:

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