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Being a part of Scouting we learn self-reliance, confidence in the face of adversity, and the ability to lead others. We overcome challenges that exceed even our own expectations. We’re now challenging you to join the Scout Quest! Pit those skills and strengths you’ve built against some special events and activities. This is Scouting like you’ve never seen before!

You can undertake Scout Quest with your non-Scouting friends and family too. They might not be able to check out your Scout Hall, but they can see what we're all about. Not only are these interactive, online events an ‘open house’ for Scouting, but they’re also a chance for families to break away from the at-home routines to enjoy and escape.

Scout Quest takes the excitement of Scouting activities, and kicks it up a notch with new skills to learn and new experiences that families can enjoy together. The events will feature special challenges and interactive activities, and even some prizes!

As fun as Scout Quest will be for all of us in Scouting, it is even more important to get the word out to our friends and family not yet members to join us for this virtual celebration of Scouting.

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