Stradbroke Cup

Stradbroke Cup

Stradbroke Cup is a major event on the Scout calendar, a Patrol camping event run over the Easter weekend and other times at several venues around Victoria.

Stradbroke ‘Advisers’ assist, guide and  assess each Patrol’s camping competency, but Stradbroke Cup is not just a camping challenge. In addition, there is an extensive program of fun and challenging activities available at all venues. Most Stradbroke Cup venues extend over four nights, a perfect way for Scouts to satisfy the “four nights under canvas continuously” requirement for a Jamboree. The whole event is an opportunity for Scout Patrols to have an enjoyable camping experience and enjoy the fellowship of a large combined camp. Contact your Scouts Commissioner, Region.

Patrols’ camping abilities are checked against the Victorian Scout Camping Standard Assessment Sheet with the highest achievers becoming Co-Holders of the Cup.

  • Patrols achieve a standard of competency either:
  • Bronze: A safe and average camping standard with numerous opportunities for improvement (between 60% and 70%)
  • Silver: A high camping standard with minor opportunities for improvement (between 70% and 85%)
  • Co-Holder or Gold: An excellent camping standard with few (if any) opportunities for improvement (85% or more)

Patrols with less than 60% are not yet competent and are presented with a Competitor pennant.

Every Stradbroke Cup Venue has a goal to assist every Patrol to achieve competency

Patrol Leaders will aim for Co-holder, but don’t forget that any Bronze, Silver or Co-holder Patrol Leader has achieved a competent standard of Camping Leadership, the differences are only how much improvement is possible.

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