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OZ Venture 2021 - Get Amongst It! 

 OZV 2021 - Victorian Contingent

Previously known as the Australian Venture or ‘AV’, OZ Venture is the premiere event for Australian Venturer Scouts and Girl Guides! OZ Venture 2021 is hosted in Sydney NSW.

OZ Venture provides an opportunity for all Venturer Scouts (Aged 14 – 18) to come together for an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience. An event crafted for Venturers, a national Venture provides the unique opportunity to seek out new challenges, discover and develop new skills, whilst having adventures with Youth Members from all around the world.

Don’t forget that many current Scouts will be eligible to join us at OzVenture 2021, so spread the word widely.
A Venture is a gathering; like a Jamboree for older teens with much more action-packed activities and two major components, allowing lots of choice to make the event truly your own.

  • Expeditions– Offering various experiences in NSW and all around the Pacific (including Fiji, New Zealand, Tasmania and Northern Territory)
  • Core OzVenture – 5 days of exciting on-site and local activities near Sydney NSW.

OZ Venture will be held from the 28th of December 2020, to the 10th of January 2021 with staggered expedition starting dates. 

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Facebook: OZV2021VicCon

Rohan Lambert                                    Duncan McColl
Contingent Leader                           Deputy Contingent Leader 

The 'Big 5' Venturer Events

Venturers Victoria is offering five new collector badges known as the'Big Five'. 

For each of the major events you attend you collect one segment of these badges to wear on your Venturer uniform.

Further Information

Anything Goes 2020

Anything Goes is a giant adventurous activities weekend camp for Venturers and linking Scouts, held on the last weekend of February every year at Lardner Park near Warragul.

Last year’s event had over 1100 youth attending, with plenty of supporting staff.

The cost for youth members includes one gold or two silver booked activities, as well as a huge range of onsite activities.

Booked activities including horse riding, rafting, mountain biking, ten pin bowling, scuba diving, high ropes course, four wheel driving, segways, helicopter rides, laser tag and much more.  Anything Goes has a fleet of buses (with the help of volunteer drivers) to take you offsite to your booked activities.

21-23 February 2020 - Larnder Park, Gippsland

Anything Goes Facebook

Hoadley Hide 2020 - Exploits on the Goldfields - CANCELLED

Hoadley Hide is a competitive event where Teams of Venturers hike from activity to activity (called stunts), which are run by groups of Leaders and Rover Crews. A Rogaine and a night hike are some features added recently. Music, videos and a DJ feature at night time campsites.

If you are new to Venturers, you can take part in the Venturing Skills activity on Friday and then participate in the Initiative course on Saturday and Sunday - two badges in one weekend!

The Hide is organised by the Victorian State Venturer Scout Council of Scouts Australia and runs over the Easter period from Good Friday until Easter Monday. Venturer Scouts and Guides from all over the state (and from other states of Australia) come to take part in this exciting activity that is a highlight of the Venturing year.

 Easter 2020

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Snow Venture 2020 - CANCELLED - Chalet is closed

Snow Venture, is held each year for Venturers at the Bogong Rover Chalet, and is an awesome opportunity to learn how or to improve your skiing. (You soon learn if you haven’t skied before).

Snow Venture is unbeatably the best value for money you can get for 8 days skiing, however also gives you a wonderful experience to appreciate some of Australia’s awesome high country in the snow, while cross country skiing with other Venturers. The final leg of the trip is accomplished on cross-country skis for 11km. Yes, you need to and must be physically able to ski the full 11km into the chalet carrying all your gear and share of food.

There is a different theme each year for the trip and Venturers organise evening activities for everyone to participate in after the days skiing adventures, which are great fun.

Snow Venture is organised & led by an experienced team of leaders that have attended many ski weeks at the chalet and have also completed training for the running of the chalet to make Snow Venture not only a wonderful experience for all, but also to ensure the SAFETY of everyone in the snow.

Week 1 -  July 6 - 13 July - CANCELLED
Week 2 -  September 21 - 28 - CANCELLED

Iglute 2020

Iglute is a weekend-long introduction to snow camping and on-snow travel with pack on skis or snow-shoes.

We normally do some Igloo or snow-cave building on Saturday and do some skiing around the local area trails.  Igloo-builders confident of their construction skills are encouraged to sleep overnight in their ice creations.

Experience this cooler, whiter way of camping and travelling around our mountain country under the expert supervision of the Victorian Branch Ski Touring Team activity leaders. 

 August 7-9 - Mt Stirling

Other Intro to Cross Country Skiing and Snow Camps can be found here
Futher Information:

Armstrong 500 2020 

The team that brings you Anything Goes has revived the old Armstrong 500 - a competition hike for Venturers, Rovers & Leaders held annually in September.

If you like hiking, and love a challenge, this is the weekend for you. It will be held around Labertouche, West Gippsland and, knowing the local weather, there will be mud.

There will also be about 20 stunts with short, sharp challenges (no more than 20 minutes) focusing on things like construction, first aid, initiative, communication, creativity, mapping and more. These are scattered throughout country that includes some steep hikes. There will be one central base camp, but you will have to take all your gear with you each day.

Teams of 4-7 Venturers, or 4-7 Leaders and/or Rovers, can enter, and you can also use Armstrong as an initiative course.

September 4-6


BARCOM is a unique Venturer Activity, conducted in the September school holidays each year, consisting of 4 rafts 3 m wide x 4.8 m long on which deck boxes are provided to carry food, water, cooking equipment, tools, packs, tents and personal equipment for the week.

Each raft has a crew of 8, so each expedition can accommodate 32 participants. BARCOM is an activity that challenges and enhances your Scouting skills by active participation in building, launching, provisioning, rowing and navigating a raft down the mighty Murray River. Rafting expeditions provide plenty of exciting challenges, requiring first class teamwork and initiative to overcome situations as they arise. Lasting friendships are formed and the experiences will be relived many times and spoken about for years to come.

BARCOM provides all materials, food, and experienced, qualified Leaders and a great adventure.

Expedition 1: September 18-26 - Murrabit to Swan Hill 

Expedition 2: September 26 -October 4 - Swan Hill to Wood-Wood (2 Venturer Rafts | 2 Leader Rover Rafts)

Vic Gathering 2020

Vic Gathering is an event run specifically for Victorian Venturers and Guides. The objective of the Gathering is to provide a fun weekend to help the Venturers, Guides, Rovers and Leaders unwind at the end of a busy year.  

Vic Gathering is run by the Vic Gathering Committee, with support from Leaders and Rovers from across the State. VG takes place on the first weekend of December each year.

VG is a standing camp with booking in commencing at 6.00 pm Friday and most activities getting under way by 9.30 pm. Venturers and Guides are generally required to be self-sufficient for the weekend, however a canteen is provided for those who do not wish to prepare their own meals.

December 4-6 - Bay Park

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