Investiture & Appointment

Our investiture ceremony welcomes a new adult member to Scouting and our appointment ceremony welcomes a new adult Leader who has previously been invested elsewhere, or into a different role. 

Investiture Ceremony

An investiture ceremony is normally completed for an adult who is becoming a uniformed Leader and involves making the Scout Promise. It should be a special and memorable moment of someone’s time in Scouting as it’s all about welcoming them to their future as a member of a worldwide Scout community.

Someone is normally only invested once - when they first become a member of Australian Scouting. This includes if they were previously a youth member and are becoming an adult Leader.

Also consider:

  • If someone is re-registering as an adult in Scouting after an extended break (at least a year), it might be appropriate to hold an investiture style ceremony. This decision should be made with the adult involved.
  • The member will need to choose which version of the Australian Scout Promise they want to use with their Team Leader, or even better, with a Unit Leader, well in advance of them making or re-affirming their Promise.

Appointment Ceremony

When an adult changes from one Scout Group to another, or to another Unit, or changes roles, you should hold an appointment ceremony, where they:

  • Are welcomed by the Group / Unit / other formation.
  • Reaffirm their Australian Scout Promise (of their choice)
  • Are presented with the identifying badges and scarf relevant to their new location and / or role.
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