The Closing

The closing of a regular Scouting activity: -

  • Brings together all those who took part in the activity.
  • Happens after a brief and informal Review> of the activity.
  • Includes a thank you to everyone for participating and acknowledges those who led and assisted.
  • Includes a reminder of the next activity to make sure Scouts know what’s happening and that they’re excited about the upcoming activity.
  • Where possible (like at the Scout Hall), includes the lowering of the Australian flag.
  • May include a personal reflection from a member of the Unit.
  • Includes a quick farewell.

Examples of closings

As mentioned already, closings should be brief and simple. The nature of the closing is likely to differ a bit, depending on the location and nature of the activity.


The Joey Scout Unit gathers following their wide game activity. By lantern light, the Joey Scout Leader thanks the activity lead/s and assist/s and shares an update on the upcoming activity.


The Rover Scout Unit gathers in the car park of an archery range to thank the activity lead and assist and to share an update on the upcoming activity. One of the members shares a brief, 30 second reflection in their own words about how grateful they are to have been helped during the activity with their archery.


The Unit meets in a park with their constructed flagpole and follows the typical proceedings above.

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