The Opening

The opening of a regular Scouting activity:

  • Brings together all those taking part in the activity
  • Includes a briefing of the activity
  • Where possible (like at the Scout Hall), includes the breaking of the Australian flag.

Discuss and Review> with your Unit Council the Typical proceedings of openings and Examples of openings to decide how they will be presented in your Unit's openings.

Typical proceedings of openings

The typical proceedings for an opening will generally be how things play out for a night at the Scout Hall. Some aspects like flag break might not be achievable on certain nights.

A Leader might take the role of Unit Leader in the younger Sections or if the Unit does not have a Unit Leader. 

  • The Unit stands quietly in a horseshoe or circle shape, next to the flag pole (if available).
  • A pre-determined member of the Unit shares an Acknowledgement of Country .
  • The flag is then broken as per the guidelines for using the Australian flag from earlier in this
  • The Unit Leader defers to the Scout leading the activity to provide a briefing.
  • The person leading the activity shares an overview of the plan so that the Unit is ready to start.
  • The Unit Leader requests for the Unit to stand alert, and then “break-off”.
  • All present turn to the right and separate from the circle.
  • The activity begins!

Examples of openings

As mentioned already, openings should be brief and simple. The nature of the opening is likely to differ a bit, depending on the location and nature of the activity.


The Cub Scout Unit meets at the start of a hiking trail for a night hike. The opening involves them gathering in a circle and sharing the plan for the night over torch-light before heading out on the hike.


The Patrols of the Scout Unit all meet in different locations for their own Patrol activities. Each Patrol Leader performs their own opening by gathering and briefing their Patrol on the activity.


The Unit meets in the hall and follows the typical proceedings of openings.

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