Typical Proceedings


  • Both Units stand at the alert in semi-circle formations, separated by a small distance (the size of this distance will depend on the nature of the ceremony activity).
    • The transitioning Scout will make a journey between the two Units during the ceremony.
  • Between the two Units is some sort of challenge or obstacle (like crossing a bridge), set up by the Scouts in the older Section.
  • The Unit Leader of the older Section crosses over to meet the younger Section.
  • The Unit Leader of the younger Section thanks the Scout for their time in the Section and asks them to share some highlights of their time there.
  • The older Section Unit Leader shares a few words about the adventures to come in the next Section and explains the meaning of the Section motto.

They ask the Scout if they are ready for the challenges and adventures to come in the next Section and the Scout responds that they are.

  • The Unit Leader invites the Scout to farewell the previous Unit and join them in crossing over to the new Unit.
  • The Scout shakes left hands with the members of the previous Unit.
  • The Scout follows the Unit Leader across to their new Unit.
  • The new Unit welcomes their new member with left handshakes and continue with the welcoming ceremony.
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