Scouting needs to be highly visible across Victoria so people can see the positive impact that Scouting has in our local communities.

It is also a great way to welcome new members – both youth members and adult volunteer Leaders. It also helps get supporters on-board.

The Scouts Victoria marketing team is here to help, so that every Group and District can be pro-active in sharing their own good news.

Marketing Support Request

The marketing team are also responsible for managing this website, our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), the weekly newsletter 'Be Informed' (sent to all adult members and Rovers) and our bi-monthly publication, Australian Scout Magazine.

For any enquiries contact

There are a wide range of people you might want to speak to about Scouting and your Group. How you connect with them might vary.

  • Prospective members (Social Media, leaflets, posters, appearances)
  • Parents (School newsletters, open days, newspapers)
  • Politicians, councils (Letters, invitations, events)
  • Schools (Letters and calls to Principals)
  • Media (Press releases, calls to journalists)
  • Former members who are now parents
  • Local community members

The below information will direct you to the resources you need to help connect with your audiences.



View our Branding Kit here

It’s important that when producing any comms material that you remain consistent with the Brand Guidelines and use approved logos and materials.

The public can be easily confused if you use old or stylised logos; if they see one logo in an online ad, and another when they drive past your hall, there’s a likelihood that they won’t make the connection.

Our Branding Kit is available to use and can be shared with Leaders and others for their reference. It includes various formats of the following:

Do not misuse branding! It’s important that we remain consistent. If you’re ever unsure, contact

State Marketing Campaigns

At various times during the year, Scouts Victoria will run marketing campaigns targeting the general public for recruitment of new youth members and adult Leaders.

You’ll hear about upcoming campaigns in the weekly Be Informed newsletter. Our campaigns can include radio ads, commercials, and online video ads (on YouTube and Facebook).

You can find supporting resources for our State campaigns in Group marketing resources.

They include images and text you can share on your social media accounts that tie into our campaigns. Here’s an example of the tiles we have available.

Hall Signage

Hall’s are our best advertisement to the public. Your hall works 24 hours a day grabbing attention. So we need to make sure your signage is up to date!

If you would like to update your hall signage, see ideas and prices on the Selby’s order form here. You can order directly from Selby's, or if you want something custom for your hall, please email 

Please note, you are welcome to order your signage from any supplier. Email for the correct artwork or for design assistance.

If you need your Section meeting times or days updated, the Marketing team periodically organises replacement stickers. These are advertised in Be Informed.

Group Communications

There are many things that your Group can do to keep your parents engaged in your program and inform other audiences of the types of activities your youth are enjoying.

It’s a great idea to put together a term newsletter:

  • Include highlights of the upcoming term programs from each Unit Council.
  • The Unit Council from each Section should provide wrap up of the last term.
  • Send to all parents, as well as the local council, MPs and school principals.
  • Put it online, on your Group’s Facebook page and on your website.

It’s worthwhile to assign a member of your Group team to manage Communications.


Maintaining a website for your Group can be cost effective and efficient, and the technology is usually quite user-friendly. You don’t need to be a web developer or online expert.

Websites are a great way to showcase your Group to the community and an excellent recruitment tool, easily found in Google searches. They can help in promoting events with all the necessary details for attendees.

It's important that you have a dedicated team for updates to your site. It’s also important that more than one person has access to the administration, and when registering domains ensure you use your email address - so that renewal messages are never missed.

The Fact Sheet on Digital Communications has more information.

Social Media

Facebook is a great way to communicate publicly about your Scout community or privately to your members. You might create a public Facebook Page that promotes to the public, and a private Facebook Group for messaging parents and families.

A few things to consider about the content you might post on Facebook:

  • Ensure every post has an image – a photo or video file – to catch attention for your message.
  • For captions only use first names; not surnames (especially for youth members).
  • Don’t infringe copyright - only upload videos or images you are permitted to use.
  • We promote Scouting as a youth organization, and avoid photos which show only adults.
  • All visual and copy content must be consistent with Scouting’s Code of Conduct.
  • Ensure your Facebook Group or Page has more than one admin in case of personnel changes.

We have more tips available in the Fact Sheet on Digital Communication

Social Media Calendar
We want to be able to assist all our Groups with their social media pages, so we have created this resource to help out with all upcoming Scouting and international days.

Priority days are indicated with a star (🌟) and Scouts Victoria will post on those days and will share assets or suggestions for you on the calendar. To access the information about each day you will need to click on the card to find the details and imagery when available.

The calendar will be continuously updated as more occasions arise. You can view the calendar here.

A reminder for you all. Don’t forget to use #ScoutsVictoria, #BeAScout and #AnythingAndEverything in your posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, also encourage your followers to do the same. You can also tag us in posts and stories @ScoutsVictoria so we can see and share more of your content.

Group Visibility

Stalls at school fetes, local markets and other community events can provide invaluable exposure for your Group. The Marketing Team can help you order display materials useful for promotion:

  • Marquees
  • Teardrop banners
  • Pull up banners

We can also provide artwork and ordering of signage for the sides of your Group’s vehicles or trailers. 

You can also hire display materials such as tear drop banners and marquees for events from the State Q-Store, contact them via their website

The State Marketing team can create custom advertising materials for

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Auction boards
  • Mail drops

Speak to your local real estate agent about a sponsorship that could include a permanent Auction Board for the front of your Hall grounds. 

Check out our Guide to Local Marketing for Groups and Districts for more ideas

Community Relationships

It is important to foster a good relationship with your local Schools. Advertise in school newsletters, making it school specific. Keep Principals informed about their students when they achieve Peak Awards or take part on epic hikes.

It’s a great idea to be in contact with your local councillors and MPs. They love getting involved in something as positive as Scouting, and they’re a strong tool for funding. Keep them informed of Group activities, invite them to events like ARAPs and award ceremonies, and ensure they receive your newsletters.

Building Resources for Victoria's Future Leaders is a great resource to send to your local councillors and MPs. It introduces what Scouting is all about and how it benefits young people and the wider community. 

We have more info in our Fact Sheet on Local Marketing for Groups and Districts


Group Logos

We have created logos based on the branding guidelines for all Groups, Districts and Regions. While some Groups have already requested logos, others are unaware of them. 

In each Group, District and Regions folder, you will find a full colour, full colour reversed, black and white logo in both vertical and horizontal layout. We use our logo vertically as much as possible, although the horizontal option can be used sparingly.

You will find a PDF and PNG of each version in the folder. The PDF is higher quality, so can be used in print applications. While the PNG is best for digital uses such as email signatures and newsletters. Make sure to leave adequate space around the logo, and do not squeeze, stretch or distort it.

For more information about using the logo, view our branding guidelines here.

We also have a simplified embroidery version of the logo, if you would like this version, please email 

If there are any issues with your Group logo, or if your Group has been missed, please email and we will create a set for you. 

Click here to access the logos.

How we can help!

The State Marketing team can help you by providing artwork for:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Auction Boards
  • Social media
  • Mail drops
  • School newsletters
  • Marquees
  • Hall signage
  • Badge design

We can also provide advice with:

  • Social media
  • Websites

We can provide promotional marketing materials:

  • Brochures
  • Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos

You can hire display materials such as tear drop banners and marquees for events from the State Q-Store, contact them via their website

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