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All artwork requests must be done through our online form.

We're not just about embracing creativity; we're about amplifying it in ways that resonate both within Scouting and far beyond. With a dedicated marketing team including graphic designers at your service, we're here to assist in bringing your visual communications to life while ensuring they are perfectly aligned with our brand values. From badges to flyers, real estate boards, posters, event collateral, stickers, and more, our team is equipped to support your creative needs. Follow our guidelines and use this online form for all your artwork submissions to ensure your visions are realised.

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Tips for Artwork Success

  • Make an Impact Visually: Your artwork is a powerful tool for first impressions. Aim for designs that grab attention and reflect the intended message.
  • Detail Your Vision: When submitting, provide a comprehensive brief including the purpose, audience, and specific design elements you envisage. This clarity helps us tailor our support effectively.
  • Seek Clarity and Creativity: We strive for designs that are both innovative and easy to understand, ensuring your message is conveyed clearly to all audiences.
  • Ensure Accuracy in Information: Text within designs should be precise and correctly spelled, especially for events or activities that include dates, locations, and contact info.
  • Prioritise High-Quality Images: To achieve the best results, only high-resolution images or graphics should be uploaded. Quality visuals elevate the professionalism of your project.
  • Stay Brand Aligned: Our graphic designers are here to ensure your artwork reflects the Scouts Victoria brand, maintaining visual consistency across all communications.
  • Provide Supporting Visuals: Upload any specific logos, photos, or graphics you want included. These elements are crucial for our designers to capture your vision accurately.
  • Keep Designs Focused: Effective designs are those that communicate your message without clutter. Aim for simplicity and relevance to keep your audience engaged.
  • Communicate Your Deadlines: To help us manage our workflow and meet your needs promptly, please specify any deadlines with your submission. Quality design takes time, and advance notice helps ensure timely delivery.

With our in-house graphic designers ready to collaborate, we're excited to assist in creating brand-aligned artwork for various purposes. Whether you're promoting an event, celebrating achievements, or looking to increase visibility, we're here to make sure your designs not only look fantastic but also embody Scouts Victoria.

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