Give your Passion a Purpose

Are you ready to Give Your Passion a Purpose?!

Scouting also allows you to share your skills, your knowledge and your passion with our future Leaders.

Our marketing campaign for 2023 - 'Give Your Passion a Purpose' has begun to roll out and we want all Groups to get behind our Leader recruitment campaign and help us share how amazing Scouting is and how great it is to be a Leader!

Social Media Tiles

Visit our Trello board and download the social media tiles, posters and videos and share them on your social media pages! 

Make sure to spread the word, by liking and sharing the posts whenever you see them!

A reminder to all our members, Groups and Leaders. If you shared at least one of the posts we would reach over a million people! This is the real strength of our movement!

If you'd like one of our campaign posters customised with your Group details, please email 


You can view, download and share the below video campaigns on your Group and personal social accounts!

Give Your Passion a Purpose - 60 Seconds

Download our video here.

Give Your Passion a Purpose - 30 Seconds

Download our video here.

Give Your Passion a Purpose - 15 Seconds

Download our video here.

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