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Program Essentials - Introduction to Section

Every time a Scout starts a new Section, they’ll engage in activities covering off the basics of how the program works in that age Section. This doesn’t have to be done all at once and might happen over a few weeks.

The Introduction to Section is a discussion covering off the basics of how the program works in the Rover Section and is held when a member first joins the Movement or transitions from the Venturer Section.

This is likely to occur with another Rover who may have nominated to take on a mentoring role, all the while supported and guided by the Rover Scout Leader. This involves supporting the new Rover and helping them feel welcome.

In general, the discussion points include:

  • How the Rover Section operates
  • What the program looks like in the Rover Section
  • The Unit Code

The Introduction to Section badge can be worn throughout a Scouts Scouting journey. As a Rover, it could be their fifth Introduction to Section badge as they've transitioned from Section to Section.

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