Award Scheme Activities


  • Checkout Akoonah Venturers (1st Casey-Berwick) post of learning AUSLAN sign language.
  • Attend a local Council Meeting - it can be any Council, not just your own.
    Checkout your Council website and some have Local Council Livestreams here
  • Email interstate or overseas Venturers and compare your experiences/stories
  • Run a politics-based Q&A program (like the ABC's Q&A). Unit members to do advanced research
  • International Night (or a weekend) - contact Scouting friends around Australia (or the World) and invite them to join you on Zoom
  • Take a photo of you in your favourite Melbourne location (can be a montage if you can't get there in person) with the global co-ordinates. Open a Zoom session with your Unit and get others to guess the location
  • Civil Defence - learn about SES activities (past and present) and have a Unit discussion about its contribution to society
  • Talk with your grandparents and ask them to tell you about society during World War II and other significant events in history
  • Run a Unit debate - you choose the subject.


  • Live stream a Unit discussion and question session on the Scout Environment Charter 


  • Start planning for your next expedition and get some online training with Scouts Australia Institute of Training
  • Check out the Adventurous Activities /Outdoor Skills module (don't forget to print out your certificate for your Award Scheme folio) - Click here
    First time login? Your Scouts Victoria Membership Number and Date of Birth for your Password
  • Run a 'pack your pack' challenge - layout contents and your food supplies. Competition of lightest with essentials, tidiest etc 


  • Explore other Art Galleries/Museums online - National Gallery Victoria - The Louvre, Paris - Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam  - MOMA, New York - Guggenheim, Bilbao - National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra online - Click here
  • Quarantine Scout Show - make a video of things you get up to during the Term as fun skits, songs, etc and watch it at the end of the term - and possibly send out to the whole Group
  • Creative Night - Venturers are given the task of making something creative from anything they find in their house
  • Design a Unit T-Shirt night - everyone designs a unit shirt, either individually or using online collaboration tools. Unit votes on which one gets made.
  • Music night. Get Unit members to play tunes on their instruments. Don't play an instrument - record from the internet a short tune of your favourite instrument to play to others
  • Try your drawing hand at Cartoons with this free workshop
  • Create digital music and upload a live screen  of the software’s controls (choice of instruments, rhythms, etc)
  • Musical Instrument / Band Session Night - everyone plays a musical item for the unit. Try and put a simple tune together with everyone jamming
  • Unit Dance Competition  - create / find a dance and teach it to the Unit, so the unit can Zoom dance to it

First Aid

  • Check out the Victorian Scout First Aid Service courses on


  • Contact your local churches and clergy (many now have websites) and have a talk (perhaps online) about their religion, its history and practices.
  • Run a Ideals debate in your Unit - whoever is the Lead needs to moderate the online session
  • Run an Ideals based Q&A program (like the ABC's Q&A) - whoever is the Lead needs to moderate the session
  • A lot of faiths are running online services - Venturers can watch the live streams, Units could arrange someone to either before or after the service do a web chat to explain what they would see


  • Upcoming Course are under Courses and Visits tab on the website.


  • Set you targets to cycle anywhere to raise funds for Kids' Cancer (but observe any COVID-19 requirements) in place). 
  • Dance Party & Exercise Night - Talk about and demonstrate benefits of different exercises
  • Use some spare time out of the house by setting up a cycling program - plan your routes/time, record each ride and times and check out if your fitness improves. 
  • Cycling  - Every Street in your 'Hood. A great idea from the Scout Cycling Team. A simple cycling activity for while we are in isolation. Get out on your bike, get to know your neighbourhood. Practice navigation. Contact the Scout Cycling Team as an Examiner.


  • Orienteering Maps - Checkout the online maps you can use use for orienteeering in the street or the bush.
  • Setup a cycling 'hike' over the weekend for yourself with some challenges (even on bike trails)  Record your route, times and distance
    Check out safety/rules and risks, maintenance and keep a log for your report.
  • Geocaching - an activity which you can do as an individual. Checkout local caches in your area. Keep a log for your portfolio
  • Orienteering - grab your compass and check out some of the permanent routes Orienteering Victoria. Keep yourself safe and within the distance limits and wash your hands before and after.


  • Undertake Astronomy using the Star Walk App
  • Have a Semaphore Flag Night (those old Scouty tests from the 1960s) - work out a message and send it to different Unit members. Try this over Zoom - it might be easier!   
  • Basic Scoutcraft involves knotting, but have you thought of trying exotic knots and sharing them online with the Unit. Obscure Knots
  • Create a Rube Goldberg Machine in your home / back yard and video it . Some examples
  • Interesting Sailing Knots - learn how to do a monkey’s fist, whippings, and other knots – everyone finds rope they can use for the evening
  • 60 Virtual Programming Ideas for your Unit
  • Time to checkout your bedroom cupboard for hobbies not started or half finished and complete them. VA Pursuits for VA level is only 10 hours. 


  • Set you targets to cycle anywhere to raise funds for Kids' Cancer (but observe any COVID-19 requirements) in place). 
  • Your local Joey Mob, Cub  Pack and Scout Troop are now operating in remote mode. Leaders will need lots of help to delivering a variety of programs, so contact them and start your VA or QS Service now.
  • Get training in Section techniques and program in advance with the e-Learning Youth Helper modules.
    See on the website Course and Visits> Youth Helper 2021.


  • Mock interviews  -  Ask your Leaders/Unit Chair to setup with local contacts to conduct online face-to-face interviews with employers
  • Resume writing Click here
  • Film or livestream information sessions on other vocations requirements. 
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