Relax & Adapt - Changes to the Venturer Award Scheme

The staged introduction of ‘Our Program’ gives Victoria a unique opportunity to provide greater flexibility in the current Venturer Award Scheme (VAS) and to introduce some of the New Program concepts. This includes reducing some technical aspects and timing aspects in the current VAS which will not exist under the new Award Scheme. It will allow and encourage Venturers and Units to become more flexible and inventive in the Award Scheme.

These changes have been piloted in several Districts with success and now with the distancing restrictions, it’s time to open it up to all Victorian Venturers to allow inventiveness and flexibility to achieve awards going forward and especially in these difficult times.

The Changes

In the Venturer Scout Record Book, the details in italics under Scope for each badge , together with the Hours in italics in the heading, now form the key requirements of an activity to be used by Unit Council in approving a badge proposal or completion.

  1. In all Award Areas, (Venturer Award & Queen's Scout Award) minimum times (10, 25, 30 hours) will continue, but all durations (2, 4, 6 months) are now abolished in all Award Areas, except QS Leadership. 
    Intensive or prolonged periods can be undertaken by Venturers so long as the minimum hours are completed and the intent of the scope of each activity is understood and followed and the Venturer can show development in the award area
    eg. VA Pursuits (10 hours can be in a compressed period rather than at least 2 months)
  1. Service in Venturer Award and Queen’s Scout levels has previously been required to be undertaken in different areas - Service in Scouting and Service to the Community. Victoria’s new interpretation allows Venturers to choose either area at both Award Levels, however it is still encouraged that Venturers choose to cover both areas, where possible.

  2. Queen’ Scout Leadership - the application of leadership skills in a leadership role (eg. 6 months on Unit Council, or in an external leadership opportunity) can now be undertaken before and/or after the Leadership Course to attain the required 30 hours.

These changes were approved by the Victorian Venturer Council in April 2020 and are effective immediately.

All Z/DVL’s, Venturer Leaders, Unit Councils and Venturers need to be aware of these changes when a Venturer presents an Award Scheme Proposal or Completion. Existing activities in progress can now apply these changed rules. 
Other documentation will be updated soon to reflect these changes.

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