Virtual Award Scheme Activities


  • Checkout Akoonah Venturers (1st Casey-Berwick) post of learning AUSLAN sign language on Zoom.
  • Attend a local Council Meeting (online of course) - it can be any Council, not just your own.
    Checkout your Council website or most of Local Council Livestreams here
  • Email interstate or overseas Venturers and compare isolation stories
  • Run a politics-based Q&A program (like the ABC's Q&A). Unit members to do advanced research
  • International Night (or a weekend) - contact Scouting friends around Australia (or the World) and invite them to join you on Zoom
  • Take a photo of you in your favourite Melbourne location (can be a montage if you can't get there in person) with the global co-ordinates. Open a Zoom session with your Unit and get others to guess the location
  • Civil Defence - learn about SES activities (past and present) and have a Unit discussion about its contribution to society
  • Talk with your grandparents (social distancing of course) and ask them to tell you about society during World War II and other significant events in history
  • Run a Unit debate on 'back to school or not' in Victoria - very topical. 


  • Venturer Environment Camp | Regent Honey Eater - back for 2020 as an online/ interactive VA Environment activity in September 2020. Bookings:
  • 20 minute Birds in Backyards Winter Survey 2020. To take part in the surveys, all you have to do is register your free Birdata account, read the instructions for the web or app or watch the video. Download the Birdata app and take your smartphone or tablet outside with you and record all the birds you seen in your space in 20 mins.
  • Live stream a Unit discussion and question session on the Scout Environment Charter 


  • Start planning for your next expedition and get some online training with Scouts Australia Institute of Training
  • Check out the Adventurous Activities /Outdoor Skills module (don't forget to print out your certificate for your Award Scheme folio) - Click here
    First time login? Your Scouts Victoria Membership Number and Date of Birth for your Password
  • Run a 'pack your pack' challenge - layout contents and video techniques. Competition of lightest with essentials, tidiest etc 


  • Explore other Art Galleries/Museums online - National Gallery Victoria - The Louvre, Paris - Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam  - MOMA, New York - Guggenheim, Bilbao - National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra online - Click here
  • Quarantine Scout Show - make a video of things you get up to during the Term as fun skits, songs, etc and watch it at the end of the term - and possibly send out to the whole Group
  • Creative Night - Venturers are given the task of making something creative from anything they find in their house
  • Design a Unit T-Shirt night - everyone designs a unit shirt, either individually or using online collaboration tools. Unit votes on which one gets made
  • Virtual music night. Get Unit members to play tunes on their instruments on Zoom. Don't play an instrument - record from the internet a short tune of your favourite instrument to play to others
  • Try your drawing hand at Cartoons with this free workshop
  • Create digital music and upload a live screen on Zoom of the software’s controls (choice of instruments, rhythms, etc) so others can collaborate on a DAW with Ableton Live Lite Nite, brought to you by the Mahonga Venturer Unit
  • Musical Instrument / Band Session Night - everyone plays a musical item for the unit. Try and put a simple tune together with everyone jamming
  • Unit Dance Competition  - create / find a dance and teach it to the Unit, so the unit can Zoom dance to it

First Aid


  • NEW> ‘Understanding & Interpreting Sacred Texts’ - Ideals Zoom Seminars
    Jewish Tradition 8th October | Christian Tradition 15th October | Muslim Tradition 22nd October
    See more details and how to register here 
  • NEW> Baha’i ‘Ideals Visit’ on Zoom - Sunday, 18th October 2020
    An Ideals opportunity for Venturers - more details here
  • Contact your local churches and clergy (many now have websites) and have a talk (perhaps online) about their religion, its history and practices.
  • Run an on-line Ideals debate in your Unit - whoever is the Lead needs to moderate the online session
  • Run an Ideals based Q&A program (like the ABC's Q&A) - whoever is the Lead needs to moderate the online session
  • A lot of faiths are running online services - Venturers can watch the live streams, Units could arrange someone to either before or after the service do a web chat to explain what they would see


  • NEW> Initiative Course COVID Online

    Registrations are open now for a new online Initiative Course:
    Can Online Venturers Initiate Discoveries? – on 25-27 September at
    Challenges will include many of the things an Initiative course normally has: Navigation, Construction, Problem Solving, Cooking, and even Walking, all while we ensure we uphold our duty to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Cost is free, but places are limited, so book early to secure your place! For more information,


  • NEW> Great Cycle Challenge - October 2020. Register free online
    Set you targets to cycle anywhere to raise funds for Kids' Cancer (but observe any COVID-19 requirements) in place). 
  • Online Dance Party & Exercise Night - Talk about and demonstrate benefits of different exercises
  • Use some spare time out of the house by setting up a cycling program - plan your routes/time, record each ride and times and check out if your fitness improves. 


  • NEW> Great Cycle Challenge - October 2020. Register free online
    Set you targets to cycle anywhere to raise funds for Kids' Cancer (but observe any COVID-19 requirements) in place). 
  • Orienteering Maps - Checkout the online maps you can use use for orienteeering in the street or the bush.
  • Setup a cycling 'hike' over the weekend for yourself with some challenges (even on bike trails)  Record your route, times and distance
    Check out safety/rules and risks, maintenance and keep a log for your report.
  • NEW> Cycling  - Every Street in your 'Hood. A great idea from the Scout Cycling Team. A simple cycling activity for while we are in isolation. Get out on your bike, get to know your neighbourhood. Practice navigation. Contact the Scout Cycling Team as an Examiner. E:
  • Geocaching - an activity which you can do as an individual. Checkout local caches in your area. Keep a log for your VAS folder (cannot be undertaken during Stage 4 lockdown).
  • Orienteering - grab your compass and check out some of the permanent routes Orienteering Victoria. Keep yourself safe and wash your hands before and after. (cannot be undertaken during Stage 4 lockdown.


  • Undertake Astronomy using the Star Walk App
  • Have a Semaphore Flag Night (those old Scouty tests from the 1960s) - work out a message and send it to different Unit members. Try this over Zoom - it might be easier!   
  • Basic Scoutcraft involves knotting, but have you thought of trying exotic knots and sharing them online with the Unit. Obscure Knots
  • Create a Rube Goldberg Machine in your home / back yard and video it . Some examples
  • Interesting Sailing Knots - learn how to do a monkey’s fist, whippings, and other knots – everyone finds rope they can use for the evening
  • 60 Virtual Programming Ideas for your Unit
  • Time to checkout your bedroom cupboard for hobbies not started or half finished and complete them. VA Pursuits for VA level is only 10 hours. 


  • NEW> Great Cycle Challenge - October 2020. Register free online
    Set you targets to cycle anywhere to raise funds for Kids' Cancer (but observe any COVID-19 requirements) in place).
  • Cuboree is cancelled - bummer! - but your local Joey Mob, Cub  Pack and Scout Troop are now operating in a virtual environment. Leaders will need lots of help to delivering a variety of programs, so contact them and start your VA or QS Service now.
  • Get training in Section techniques and program in advance with the e-Learning Youth Helper modules.
    See on the website Course and Visits> Youth Helper 2020.


  • Mock interviews online -  Ask your Leaders/Unit Chair to setup with local contacts to conduct online face-to-face interviews with employers
  • Resume writing Click here
  • Film or livestream information sessions on other vocations requirements 
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