Congratulations to our Adult Recognition Award recipients

Happy World Scout Day!

Across the world, Scouts today are celebrating the 112th anniversary of the first Scout camp at Brownsea Island.

Baden-Powell’s experiment with a group of 20 or 21 boys was visionary and successful. It led to a Movement which has seen more than 500 million members since August 1 1907, and today has more than 50 million members.

Even then, Scouting was taking the lead in diversity and inclusion - admittedly a group of British boys, but bringing them together from different socio-economic backgrounds was radical.

Today we celebrate by wearing our scarves to school and work, with a visible presence in our local community, and special events in local halls.

We also announce the 2019 Adult Recognition Awards for some of Scouts Victoria’s finest Leaders and supporters.

Click to read the Victorian list - and full National list.

Don’t forget to send your congratulations to the friends you find in these lists. Celebrate their success!

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