Adult Recognition Awards 2023

Happy World Scout Day!

Today, Scouts from all corners of the globe are celebrating World Scout Day. On this day in 1907, Baden-Powell’s experimental camp brought together a small group of 20 young people from different walks of life.

From such humble beginnings, Scouting is now a movement with more than 50 million members. We celebrate being part of a diverse and inclusive organisation that contributes positive outcomes for our members and their communities.

Today on World Scout Day, we show our pride in Scouting by wearing our scarves. Where it’s possible, we’ll have a visible presence in our local community, and run special events in local halls. We also announce the 2023 Adult Recognition Awards for some of Scouts Victoria’s finest Leaders and supporters.

Click here to read the Victorian and full National lists.

Don’t forget to send your congratulations to the friends you find in these lists. Celebrate their success!

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