Antarctica 2022

Scouts Victoria is proud to announce the incredible achievement of Dr Gareth Andrews and Dr Richard Stephenson, who completed a 1404km unsupported ski expedition from the North Coast of Berkner Island to the Geographic South Pole. This expedition was no ordinary feat and the dynamic duo proved to be true ambassadors of resilience and determination, inspiring all Scouts along the way.

Starting their journey on November 14, 2022, the pair embarked on an incredible 66-day adventure through some of the harshest and most remote terrain in the world. They braved the elements and pushed their limits, never taking a single rest day and never giving up on their goal. With 165kg sleds each, they made their way through icy winds and snow, collecting valuable meteorological data along the way.

Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, such as 200 km of soft powder snow through the Pensacola Mountains and more than 380 km of solid, unbroken sastrugi, Dr Andrews and Dr Stephenson never wavered in their pursuit of adventure. In the end, they were able to reach their destination, the Geographic South Pole, with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

These brave explorers not only pushed their own limits, but also served as amazing role models for all Scouts, showing that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and resilience. The Andrews-Stephenson Antarctica 2023 expedition was followed by over 60,000 Scouts from Australia, New Zealand, and World Scouting, who were inspired by their journey every step of the way.

So what can we learn from Dr Gareth Andrews and Dr Richard Stephenson? They have shown us that through the power of teamwork, setting big goals, and never giving up, even in the face of adversity, we can achieve great things. They are true heroes of Scouting, and we are proud to have them as ambassadors of our organisation.

Congratulations to Dr Andrews and Dr Stephenson on this incredible achievement!

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