COVID 19 update

From March 26, 2021

Sleepovers are now allowed for up to 100 people in a single indoor space, subject to density restrictions at the hall.

Outdoor activities no longer need to be split into cohorts and there is no overall outdoor activity participant limit (but still limited to 1 person per 2 sqm in the outdoor area).

Sleeping in tents and accommodation at Scout campsites can be in cohorts of up to 100.

You must still notify for any Scouting event with over 200 participants*. An assessment of the requirements for events with over 200 participants* can be accessed here.

Reminder that all activities away from your hall should be registered in scOut and About and that you should not attend any Scouting activities if you are sick or have COVID-like symptoms.

A summary of what requirements have changed and what remains in place is available on our FAQs.

Scout Halls

  • Halls can open for indoor Scouting and hall hires subject to density limits and physical distancing
  • Halls can have 1 participant* per 2 sqm with a QR Code , otherwise 1 participant* per 4 sqm. Refer to the FAQs for QR codes.
  • Scout halls can be used for sleepovers, currently with a 100 person limit. Refer to the FAQs for Halls.

Outdoor Scouting

  • Outdoor activities no longer need to be split and are just subject to a density limit of 1 person per 2 sqm.
  • Overnight accommodation in tents, cabins etc must be undertaken in Patrols or split into cohorts of up to 100 participants*.
  • A limit of 6 is still recommended in tents.


  • Scouting Events can be undertaken with up to 200 participants* utilising the COVIDSafe Events plan template below.
  • Larger events (greater than 200) can also go ahead with a COVIDSafe Event plan specific to the event. You must notify for a Scouting event with over 200 participants* or an event with over 100 participants if non-members are present as participants.
  • Service, activity and line leaders or adult helpers involved in major events can access Scouts Victoria online COVIDSafe Major Event training, available in the FAQs. This has been updated to reflect the changes in place from March 26.

Interstate Travel

  • You must contact if you are planning an activity that involves interstate travel where a permit to re-enter Victorian is required. Interstate travel includes disembarking on the NSW side of the Murray River.
  • This requirement is in addition to any other notifications that are required.
  • This does not apply to members and Groups in the NSW-Victorian Border Community who are undertaking activities within the NSW-Victorian Border Community area.


  • Campsite accommodation can open for family and tourist bookings in multiple groups plus an additional 100 guests. This includes sharing tents and indoor accommodation amongst the group.
  • Campsite accommodation can open for Scouts and community group bookings in multiple cohorts of up to 30 participants*, with no more than 100 people sleeping in any one indoor space, however a limit of 6 is still recommended in tents.
  • Campsites can open for use by multiple School Camps at the same time in line with government guidelines

Face Masks

  • Face masks do not need to be worn indoors or outdoors unless physical distancing cannot be achieved for an extended period or you are in a high risk location. Refer to further information on Face Masks in the FAQs.

* Limits for youth program activities only apply to participants and spectators/parents. Those required to run the activity, such as Leaders, adult helpers, trainers, rostered parents, carers, etc are not included in the limits.

Further directions on Scouting during the current Step can be found here:

Generic COVIDSafe Plans for Scouts Victoria activities

These generic COVIDSafe Plans can either be used as is or modified to suit your situation. Note that existing COVIDSafe Plans will need to be updated to reflect the current situation.

Attendance Record and QR Codes

A record must be taken of all people who attend an indoor or outdoor Scouting activity for more than 15 minutes. This includes youth members, Leaders (including visiting District leaders), helpers, carers, parents, visitors, etc.

Refer to the FAQs on Record Keeping and QR Codes.

QR code systems must be either the Victorian Government QR Code Service or a system linked to the Victorian Government QR Code Service. Where QR codes are used, it is recommended that younger members who do not bring a mobile phone to activities are still recorded using an Attendance Register.

Room Poster

A revised version of the Scouts Victoria Room Poster showing capacity etc is available here. Scouts Victoria Room Poster (Updated Sep 30)

For queries about this direction or any other coronavirus related issues, please contact


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