COVID 19 update

As of 11:59pm Sep 15, 2021, Greater Shepparton joins Regional Victoria in moving out of lockdown, however Ballarat moves into lockdown with Metropolitan Melbourne.

The following restrictions remain in place from 11:59pm Sep 09, 2021 in Metropolitan Melbourne and locked down areas of Regional Victoria:

  • All face-to-face Scouting within locked down areas must cease for the duration of the lockdown.
  • Members who reside in locked down areas should not participate in face-to-face Scouting in Regional Victoria.
  • Worker Permits are required for any work that needs to be undertaken during lockdown at halls, campsites and other property.

The following restrictions remain in place from 11:59pm Sep 09, 2021 in Regional Victoria (excluding locked down areas):

  • Outdoor activities for a single group of up to 20 participants*, or
  • Outdoor activities for multiple groups of up to 10 participants*, with each group separated by 50m from another group.
  • Indoor activities for a maximum of 20 participants* per indoor space, subject to 1 person* per 4sqm density quotient.
  • Nominated COVID Check-in Marshal required to ensure use of QR Code or attendance record for youth members.
  • Overnight camping for up to a maximum of 20 participants* as a single Unit, sleeping in single person tents.
  • Masks still need to be worn indoors and outdoors unless an exemption applies.
  • Hall hires can resume but they must follow the restrictions for the relevant industry sector.
  • Sleepovers cannot be undertaken at halls.
  • Campsites can accept private bookings, each booking limited to a single household.
  • It is expected that campsites can host multiple school groups if groups are kept apart, but confirmation is required from an updated Victorian Schools Operation Guide.
  • Travel to regional Victorian Alpine Resorts permitted providing visitors have had a COVID test within 72 hours prior to departing for the Victorian Alpine Region.
  • Members who reside in Regional Victoria cannot travel into locked down areas unless it is to undertake authorised work with a Worker Permit.

It is expected that the above restrictions will remain in place until at least Sep 23, however areas of Regional Victoria may move in and out of lockdown.

Further COVID guidance for Scouting is available in the COVID-19 Lockdown FAQs.

* Limits for youth program activities only apply to participants. Those required to run the activity, such as Leaders, adult helpers, trainers, rostered parents, carers, etc are in addition to the limits. For adult meetings and non-youth program activities (such as fundraising, ARAP, etc), the limit applied to all in attendance.

This webpage and associated FAQs are regularly updated to provide the latest Scouts Victoria guidance on current COVID-19 restrictions. Direct email notification is only used for significant changes, and not until the Chief Health Officer’s Restricted Activity Directions have been published.

Interstate Travel

You can plan interstate travel in accordance with the relevant interstate and Victorian domestic travel restrictions, but unless you are travelling within the NSW-Victorian Border Community, you must contact in advance.

  • Interstate travel includes disembarking on the NSW side of the Murray River.
  • This requirement is in addition to any other Branch notifications that are required.

Further information is available in the Travel FAQs.

Face Masks

Face masks must still be worn indoors or outdoors if you are 12yo or over unless an exemption applies. Masks are also recommended for primary school age children, which includes Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts, unless an exemption applies. Refer to further information in the Face Masks FAQs.

Worker Permits and Scouting during lockdown

You can request a Worker Permit using the Scouts Victoria Worker Permit Request form. Further information on what can be undertaken during lockdown is available in the Worker Permits and Scouting during Lockdown FAQs.

Generic COVIDSafe Plans for Scouts Victoria activities

Generic COVIDSafe Plans are available in the COVIDSafe Plans FAQs and can either be used as is or modified to suit your situation.

Attendance Record and QR Codes

A record must be taken of all people who attend an indoor or outdoor Scouting activity. This includes youth members, Leaders (including visiting District leaders), helpers, carers, parents, visitors, etc.

A COVID Check-in Marshal is required for indoor activities. A COVID Check-in Marshal can be a nominated Leader, Adult Helper or Youth Member, etc who is responsible for ensuring that all attendees check-in using a QR Code or attendance record. The COVID Check-In Marshal can undertake other activities, but their primary responsibility should be to ensure all attendees check-in.

The Victorian Government QR Code Service must be used for Leaders, parents, helpers, visitors.

Refer to the Record Keeping and QR Codes FAQs.

Room Poster

A revised version of the Scouts Victoria Room Poster showing capacity etc is available here. Scouts Victoria Room Poster (Updated Sep 30)

For queries about this direction or any other coronavirus related issues, please contact


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